Power of Traffic Sponsorships in the Chicago Market


Power of Traffic Sponsorships in the Chicago MarketNearly 85% of US workers, or 150 million people nationwide, drive their personal vehicle to work and back each day. However, not all commutes are equal, especially when it comes to the potential for marketing success with traffic sponsorships.

Chicago has the third longest commute in the country at 58.5 minutes, making it a great market for traffic sponsorships. By signing up for traffic sponsorships, business owners can promote brand awareness with name-check mentions at the beginning and end of the bulletin. Below we explore the connection between heavy commutes and traffic sponsorship opportunities to help you determine if this option would be best for your business needs.

Implications of Heavy Commutes

Chicago commuters spend on average four hours a week commuting to and from their place of work. During these trips, drivers have lots of time to tune into their favorite radio stations for entertainment, news and traffic information.

The traffic reports tend to garner high interest, as commuters intently listen for information pertaining to their selected route to work or home. These regular bulletins help commuters better manage their daily travels, and in turn, help them arrive home safely and without unnecessary delays. The immense value of traffic reports helps to boost listener engagement, which makes them an ideal channel for sponsorship opportunities.

Drive Time Impact on Traffic Sponsorships

Savvy radio stations utilize drivetime to plan broadcasts that maximize their listeners’ enjoyment and their advertisers’ success. These drivetime periods take advantage of the heavy traffic that commonly occurs during the morning and evening commutes. During this time, the radio stations run traffic reports more often to keep their listeners well-informed about potential delays and hazards.

Drivers tend to listen carefully to the traffic reports, trying to catch any information that may affect their own commutes. This high level of engagement helps maximize the effectiveness of traffic sponsorships. And by sponsoring traffic reports, companies can also foster brand loyalty and trust to achieve their marketing goals.

Tips to Help You Find Traffic Sponsorships in Chicago

At the forefront of brand loyalty and trust are radio stations, which have developed a following of devoted listeners with their music selections, programming and traffic reports. If you want to pursue traffic sponsorships, simply start with your favorite local radio stations, like the stations at Hubbard Chicago. Advertising with Hubbard Traffic, for example, gives you an opportunity to reach over 2.7 million listeners through three of Chicago’s top radio stations. With live traffic reads rotating Monday through Friday, there are more than enough sponsorship opportunities to get your brand in front of your Chicago audience.

Once you find a sponsorship opportunity, aim to sponsor as many traffic reports as your budget will allow to attract attention to your brand. When pursuing traffic sponsorships, it is important to make a plan for long-term success. Make sure your inquiries state your interest for a three-month, or longer, sponsorship to attract the most interest to your proposal.

Tap into Traffic Sponsorships for Your Marketing Success

Finding your first traffic sponsorship opportunity can help you reach your goals in increasing brand awareness and loyalty. With your sponsorships, you will enjoy the immense reach of the radio world to engage a wider audience than ever before. Start checking out all your potential Chicago media partners — including Hubbard Chicago — to start leveraging the power of traffic sponsorships.


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