2060 Digital’s Instagram Takeovers: What You Need to Know

The phrase “Instagram takeover” sounds undeniably cool, but what exactly is it? Well, you might be relieved to find out that it doesn’t have anything to do with corporate mergers or strange acts of social media war. Below is a basic primer on Instagram takeovers, as well as some tips to help you use this powerful tool to boost your brand’s reach and engagement.

What is an Instagram Takeover?

An Instagram takeover is basically an event where you give someone temporary access to your Instagram account for the purpose of content sharing and/or cross-promotion. During the “takeover period” (typically a day), the guest temporarily running your account is allowed to post photos and/or videos to your Instagram feed, and they can also respond to comments from your followers as well. When done right, Instagram takeovers can be a fantastic collaborative tool that can produce benefits for both parties. Not only can it add value to your followers by bringing a different type of content to the table, but it can also expose the guest to an entirely new audience.

6 Tips to Help You Pull Off a Successful Instagram Takeover

1. Set goals and objectives.

What is it exactly that you plan to accomplish with the takeover? What would a “win” look like for you and your guest? By establishing clear goals and objectives, you will be better able to customize your strategy in a way that will ensure that you hit your target. Examples of common goals include increasing brand awareness (follower growth, more views, social mentions, etc.), promoting events or products (higher event registration, increasing conversions, etc.) or boosting community engagement (likes, reposts, direct messages, comments, etc.).

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