3 Reasons Local, On-Air Personalities Are Important to Radio


Radio is considered by some to be the original social medium. By its very nature, radio is more social than TV, print, or streaming music services. Why? Because of on-air radio personalities—and the influence and trust they build with their listeners.

Radio hosts make connections and establish relationships with their audience—oftentimes in a one-on-one listening environment. Loyal listeners come to think of their favorite radio personalities as friends and trusted sources. In this post, we’ll discuss three reasons on-air personalities can have a positive impact on your marketing.

3 Reasons Radio Personalities Matter to Advertisers


1. Radio Personalities Are a Familiar Voice in Your Listeners’ World

On-air personalities can be a major station differentiator (and asset to your brand) because they get to know their listeners, understand what’s important to them, and encourage their interaction. Whether they live in the same area or reach their listeners from miles away, they are still a large part of their loyal listeners’ lives. They come to build authentic connections because being human is a big part of their job—they share stories, react to news, and yes, talk about brand experiences.

2. Listeners Trust Local Radio Personalities

Because radio personalities know how to speak to their audience and make the listener feel part of the conversation, listeners regard radio personalities as friends. What does this mean for your business? Radio listeners trust recommendations from radio hosts.

When listeners hear an on-air personality talking about a local business, it’s like having a trusted source give them the inside scoop. A radio personality talking about a great new restaurant they found, or about how well a local HVAC company responded when their air conditioner stopped working, is more than just a voice reading a script—it’s someone they trust making a recommendation.

Be sure to look for genuine opportunities for radio endorsements. A radio personality who truly believes in a brand can sell it in a credible way. The Radio Advertising Bureau conducted a study in which 55% of those surveyed said a radio personality’s endorsement for a particular medical service caused them to feel that they could trust that provider.

3. Personalities Extend the Conversation Off-Air

The influence of radio personalities extends beyond the airwaves. They engage their listeners on social media and appear at community events, strengthening their authority and extending their reach. Some even develop podcasts that expand their connection with the audience, allowing listeners to tune in when it’s convenient.

For Chicago advertisers, the right station and on-air personality can help build trust in your brand. A key part of the Hubbard Difference is our family of stations and the top talent that make them listener favorites. They help us connect consumers and advertisers like you, and build better businesses and communities.

Learn more about what makes us different. Watch this :50 video on what we like to call, “The Hubbard Difference.”

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