4 Examples of Event Sponsorships

4 Examples of Event Sponsorships

Event sponsors contribute massively to the success of the local events. Seasoned organizers combine multiple marketing channels and tactics to ensure that all their sponsors get value for their money in terms of brand awareness and customer reach. This requires the perfect balance between creativity and innovativeness.

This article will cover four sponsored events in Chicago. Their current and past sponsorships offer some important lessons for potential sponsors.

Get A Vet A Pet

Even though the Sherman and Tingle Show of Chicago’s The Drive 97.1 FM organize pet-related gatherings annually, this year’s “Give A Vet a Pet” was quite special. The team partnered with the Home Depot Foundation as well as the Chicago Blackhawks. Together, they pulled off a successful “Give a Vet a Pet” fundraiser. Through the February function, $89,405 was raised for the 1 Pet 1 Vet organization which would go towards securing service dogs for veterans in need.

The reason behind the successful fundraiser was not just the great cause behind it, but rather the combination of powerful sponsors and different methods used to advertise the fair.

Sherman and Tingle hosted the comedian and actor, Michael Rapaport, on their show. Additionally, the team also gave donors and participants the chance to win special concert tickets to major parties such as the Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams July Tour as well as Roger Waters’ “This is Not A Drill” concert. This combination of tactics helped Sherman and Tingle fundraiser exceed the initial target of $60,000 for “Give A Vet a Pet” function.

Grab Your Bag Tournament

There is no doubt that the Eric in the Morning With Melissa and Whip Show are popular in Chicago. Nonetheless, the hosts did not solely ride on their popularity to secure promotion for their highly successful 2019 debut of “Grab Your Bags Tournament”. Instead, they organized a fun tournament for 100 teams coupled with live performances by platinum-selling recording artist, Andy Grammer, and American Idol season 16 winner Maddie Poppe.

Partnering with Rosemont helped the team to secure the perfect venue, Parkway Bank Park. Rosement Parkway Restaurant vendors were able to benefit from the event by having food and beverages for sale.

Eric and his team raised over $25,000, a portion of which went towards MIX Kids for Lurie Children’s Hospital. The tournament and live performances were a great success. MIX and Rosemont surpassed their goals for this inaugural event.

Chicago Craft Beer Fest

The Chicago Beer Festival is an annual party that attracts a huge crowd of beer lovers, including dozens of sponsoring breweries to showcase and sell some of their latest brews. Save for COVID-19 pandemic effects, the Festival would have celebrated its 9th year in July 2020.

In 2019, festival organizers teamed up with the famous Taste of Lincoln to put up the ultimate summer festival featuring local, regional, and national microbrews as well as an array of foods, other alcoholic beverages, and two stages of live music from amazing artists. It was a great success.

The 14th March 2021 Chicago Beer Craft Fest will be held at the Field Museum and is expected to host more than 60 breweries who will give festival-goers a taste of their spring seasonal beers. Already, more than 6,000 attendees have registered their interest on the organizer’s social media pages.

Shed Zep Giveaway

The Shed Zep Giveaway was a fun sweepstake where one lucky winner takes home a fully furnished $9,000 shed from Tuff Shed. This WDRV, The Drive, giveaway was sponsored by Tuff Shed, Steinhafels Furniture, and 28 Mile Vodka Distillery who hosted the Grand Prize Drawing.

Chicago Blackhawks provided jerseys, and Legendary Midday Host Bob Stroud offered a personalized wall hanging with signed photos from his Rock and Roll Roots Album. The Sweepstakes was open to all the station’s listeners in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan who were above 21 years of age. Participants could enter the draw via radio calls, the radio app, online entries, smaller appearance shows, and the grand draw at 28 Mile Vodka Distillery. WDRV got many listeners to tune in to their shows to get the coveted daily codes. The Shed Zep Giveaway was a fun Sweepstakes that drew lots of attention, lending important publicity to all the sponsors.

Choose Sponsorship Deals That Will Elevate Your Brand

Sponsorship packages have long evolved from simple logo displays on banners. The above examples depict how brands can creatively work together to symbiotically benefit from event sponsorship deals. As a sponsor, it is necessary to pick functions that not only draw crowds, but also employ innovative ways of showcasing your brand and yielding returns on your investment.

The account executives at Hubbard Chicago specialize in both finding and arranging local events. They know how to customize event sponsorships to fulfill your marketing goals. To learn more about sponsoring local events, contact the professionals at Hubbard Chicago.

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