Should You Write Your Own Radio Endorsement?

If you want to connect with your audiences through influencer marketing, endorsements from local radio influencers can be invaluable. According to a recent BigCommerce State of Influencer Marketing report, 89% of marketers have found the ROI of influencer marketing to be comparable or even better than other channels. Around 86% of marketers use influencer marketing, making it one of the most popular tactics in the industry today.

Local radio personalities are among the many influencers you can work with to improve your marketing efforts. One of the key advantages of radio influencers is their ability to establish trust among their audiences with Power of Personality (POP). If a popular radio personality endorses your product, and that endorsement is in line with what his or her audiences want, this could help your brand significantly.

The Types of Endorsements

There are two main types of radio influencer endorsements: scripted and organic.

Scripted endorsements consist of language that the advertisers write, which the personality reads. Organic endorsements uses the radio hosts language, making it potentially less formal but more effective.

The type of endorsement you choose for your radio influencer ads will depend on your specific goals and needs.

Pros of Scripted Endorsements

There are several benefits of using scripted endorsements for radio influencer advertising.

Control Over Specific Words and Phrases

The advertiser can make sure everything they want to cover in an ad is discussed. If there are any pain points you want to address or a specific language you want to use, scripted endorsements are often ideal.

More Specific Targeting

If you want to target a specific segment of your audience, scripted endorsements may connect with certain members of the influencer’s audience.

Easier to Create Consistent Cross-Channel Messaging

You can also ensure that the language of the ad is consistent with the rest of your marketing and overall message. Otherwise, your radio endorsements may not align with ads on other channels such as paid search or social media.

Pros of Organic Endorsements

If you want the influencer’s endorsements to sound more natural, you may opt for an organic endorsement. There are several benefits to these endorsements.

Aligns with Influencer’s Voice

Unlike scripted endorsements, organic endorsements are more natural-sounding when the influencer gives them. As a result, organic endorsements can sound more genuine and aligned with the influencer’s interests. Scripted endorsements may use language and wording that the influencer doesn’t typically use, which can make it seem inauthentic.

Targets Entire Listening Audience

Influencers have a good understanding of their audiences and how best to appeal to their listenership. Instead of simply going after an audience as determined by marketers, organic influencer endorsements provide a more holistic approach to marketing.

Adds Unforeseen Value

A radio influencer’s more genuine endorsement could also surprise marketers in certain ways. For instance, the influencer may reveal certain benefits or approaches to marketing a product or service that marketers may not have considered. In essence, the influencer can serve as an example of a customer, endorsing your brand from your audience’s perspective.

When to Use Scripted Endorsements

If the messaging of your endorsement is going to be part of a larger campaign with a consistent message, scripted endorsements are often best to use. They can use the same language and highlight the same points as the rest of a specific campaign to reach a particular audience.

Scripted endorsements are also ideal to use if you want to focus more on conversions over brand awareness. Organic endorsements can bring more attention to your brand with personalized recommendations. However, with scripted endorsements, you can advertise promotions or specific items to increase lead conversion.

When to Use Organic Endorsements

If your endorsements aren’t necessarily part of a larger campaign or need to maintain a consistent message, you may be better off using organic endorsements. The influencer endorsing your brand with a radio ad that sounds genuine could go a long way in connecting with target audiences.

Organic endorsements are particularly good to use if you want to focus more on brand awareness. Many people may not know about your company and offerings, but a personalized endorsement from a familiar personality could establish trust. If people’s favorite influencer can vouch for you, their audiences are far more likely to start looking into your brand.

Remember, both endorsements can be useful based on your goals and campaigns. You could depend largely on scripted or organic endorsements, or you can use a combination with various influencers that helps drive both brand awareness and conversions.

Determine the Best Tactic with Your Account Executive

When deciding on the right type of endorsement to use, it’s often best to discuss the decision with your account executive. Your account executive, who serves as your marketing consultant, can give you the best recommendation based on your campaigns.

A reliable account executive will also be able to help you develop and execute a comprehensive strategy that’s best for your brand. With professional assistance, you’ll be able to get the most from your influencer campaigns, which could connect with and support larger campaigns. In the process, you’ll be able to maintain consistency across your marketing while taking full advantage of influencer marketing.

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