5 Essential Questions to Ask Your Marketing Vendor

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In positioning your brand as a leader in the industry, you have to work with a marketing vendor who you fully trust. You must put your brand presence and message in their hands, after all, to achieve all your goals. Luckily, there is a way to pinpoint trustworthy and effective vendors before partnering up. You just have to ask them these five essential questions for marketing vendors to find the best teams.

Are They a Reputable Company?

Any marketing vendor can make big claims, so it is important to start with this question. A reputable company not only offers marketing services, but also achieves excellent results with their campaigns. They are structured to handle all their clients demands without compromise, ensuring you receive the level of service you expect.

In asking this question, don’t just take their word for it, however. Ask them to back up their claims with success stories from their past clients. They should have case studies, testimonials, and more on hand to show you how well their marketing campaigns really work. If they don’t, move on in your search to find a reputable vendor.

How Do They Plan to Measure Your Success?

Gauging the success of your marketing campaigns allows you to see what works and where to focus your efforts. You cannot skip this important step since the optimization of your marketing plan depends on it.

Any good marketing vendor knows this, so do not be afraid to inquire on how they plan to measure your success. They should lay out all the different techniques they use to collect, review, and apply your marketing data. Also inquire about their plan for reporting those metrics back to you.

Do They Offer Tools That Promote Your Marketing Success?

In this day and age, operating in both the digital and traditional marketing realms is a necessity. Otherwise, your advertisements could fail to achieve optimal reach and engagement with your target audience.

In order to operate within all realms of advertising, you must have access to a variety of tools and know how to use them to the best effect — and an effective marketing vendor is the key to making all that happen. Just verify that they are willing and able to operate outside their marketing specialty to help you hit all the right channels with your advertisements.

Do They Have Experience Helping Businesses in Your Industry?

Experience in marketing does not always equate to excellent results, especially if the team does not regularly operate in your industry. You want a marketing vendor who has proven results in your industry, so you know they understand how it all works. You can then build on their existing knowledge of your target audience, buying process, and other key factors that influence the success of each marketing campaign you run.

So, turn your attention to their past clients and look for those in your industry. If it is not apparent, speak up and ask, so you know if partnering with that vendor will be worth your time.

Is Their Team Trained in a Variety of Marketing Tactics?

Before choosing a marketing vendor, take a peek at their team and all the marketing tactics they know. Your vendor should have a team with a diverse knowledge base that covers all the different marketing tactics used today. That way, you can pursue all the marketing campaigns you see fit for the promotion of your business. Otherwise, you may fall into the trap of using the same tired tactics, limiting your potential for success.

Work Toward Finding Your Marketing Vendor Today

With these questions, you can find a marketing vendor with a clear understanding of your vision and a plan to help you reach your objectives. To skip straight ahead in this process, simply turn to our team at Hubbard Chicago. We have the skills and experience needed to achieve all your marketing goals — and can answer ‘Yes’ to all these important questions for marketing vendors. So, reach out to our team to see how we can help.

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