6 Tips for Making Audio Ads on a Budget

Audio ads are highly effective for reaching a broad range of customers on the radio and through streaming services. These ads are within reach of every budget, even if it’s modest. They not only help expand your reach to an engaged and loyal audience target audience, but they do so while producing an impressive return on investment. 

Whether you are a new business, a small business, or only have a limited marketing budget. You can still have high-quality audio ads without overspending. In this post, we’ll give you tips on how to meet your marketing goals with radio or streaming ads without breaking the bank. 

The ROI of Audio Ads

Audio ads are an excellent investment, not only because they are so effective in achieving marketing goals but because they have a high ROI. Businesses can easily keep costs within budget for radio ads by making smart production, time slot, and ad length choices. Digital audio ads aren’t dependent on time slots, but you can choose the duration, production, and whether they are pre, mid, or post-roll. 
Radio and digital ads help brands stay relevant and drive action to encourage increased site traffic and boost sales. They are also known for increasing brand awareness and recall. If that wasn’t enough, they both drive impressive returns on ad spend (ROAS.)

How To Create Audio Ads on a Budget

Audio ads are already a great deal. They are easy to create and deliver to an audience already engaged and loyal to the radio personality, show, or podcast. When you add in the microtargeting abilities to stream ads, it’s even more effective. The following are our top tips for making high-quality ads to fit your budget.

1.  Know the Audience You Want to Reach

Businesses have long appreciated the targeting capabilities of radio. Many sources show the demographics of each genre of music. You can tap into the market segment representing your customer personas by carefully choosing your station format. 
Digital or streaming audio ads give you even more ability to customize your audience. Digital content can be microtargeted to particular groups. Streaming audio ads act as a multiplier for your radio ads, reinforcing your message to the most likely to respond.

2.  Understand the Format You’ll Advertise on

You’ll want to know about some critical differences between radio and streaming ads. The technology for streaming allows you to take advantage of some of the newer trends, such as voice search, interactive audio, and podcast ads. The good news is that you can repurpose some of your radio ads for streaming.
Many listeners use voice commands to search for artists, stations, or favorite playlists. They’ll also use voice commands for local business searches. If there is only room to add one of these trends, updating your Google profile and adding long-tail keywords to your ad copy is a budget-friendly way to ensure your business shows prominently in a voice search.

3.  Write a Quality Script

Audio ads must quickly catch the listener’s attention and deliver the value proposition. To do that effectively, you must first understand the purpose of the ad. What benefits do your products or services offer the listener? What action do you want to drive?

4.   Keep Ads Concise and to the Point

Let’s say you want to create a 30-second ad. At the average rate of speech, that would be approximately 75 words. You must establish a connection, communicate your value, and tell the listener what you want them to do, all in a concise time. Choose your words carefully and keep the copy simple for the best results.

5.   Use a CTA to Provide Next Steps

Never make assumptions that every listener will read between the lines. If you want to drive traffic to your site, give them clear instructions on what to do and where to do it. If you want to drive foot traffic to a storefront, tell them about a limited-time offer for the first few customers in the door.

6.   Track Your Ad Performance

You’ve decided to leverage audio streaming in your marketing campaign. You can gain even more advantages by leveraging the analytics it provides to track your ad’s performance.

Leverage Radio and Streaming Audio on Even a Tight Budget

Audio ads are an excellent investment. Small business owners have always known that radio ads are a budget-friendly way to increase brand awareness, brand recall and boost sales. Today there are even more options with the introduction of streaming audio and podcasts.  Radio and streaming audio ads are intelligent additions to your marketing strategy when you need high-quality ads on a limited budget.

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