Automotive Tips for Boosting Your Digital Marketing with Radio


If there’s one entertainment medium that goes hand-in-hand with cars, it’s the radio. Radio spans generations, and through the evolution of digital technology, radio still persists as a powerful advertising tool. For automotive companies, radio advertising just makes sense.

In addition to providing pervasive reach, radio can add a significant boost to your digital marketing, if integrated correctly. Working with your media partner to develop a marketing plan that includes radio and digital can be impactful in terms of your brand recognition, website traffic, and sales and service revenue.

In today’s post, we’ll share three reasons to integrate your automotive radio and digital marketing, with tips along the way.

1. Drive Targeted Web Traffic

Once you’ve honed in on the right format, station, and schedule for your target audience, help qualified customers know where to find you for their automotive needs through your radio advertising. For instance, if you own a dealership that specializes in European models like BMW and Jaguar, you should work in specific search keywords in your radio spots, like “BMW dealer” or “luxury cars in Chicago.” This can help improve your rankings in relevant searches after listeners hear your ad.

Bring visitors to your website to learn more by repeating your URL in your script, especially towards the close so it can stick. Use it in a clear call-to-action—like “Set up an appointment,” or, “Check out our fall sale,”—rather than burying it in too many details.

2. Grow Your Social Following

In addition to driving people to your website, radio can act as a catalyst to get more followers on your social platforms. A great way to do this is to use your radio spots to share where they can find you—Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms—and why they should! Promote offers or content that they’re actually interested in claiming. You can also run radio ads teasing offers or discounts exclusive to your social followers—like contests and promo codes.

A radio campaign that promotes your presence on social media might not immediately lead to a big sale. But by building awareness and growing an engaged following, you have opportunities for future marketing that can pay off in big ways. Remember that the people you reach with your radio spots have social circles of their own. Their follow, likes, and shares can create a ripple effect and, over time, social media efforts can become a very clear contributor to sales.

3. Consistency & Frequency

No matter where you advertise, two factors will be at least partly responsible for your success: consistency and frequency. The right frequency is what helps increase recall of your ad, but you need a consistent message that translates across all channels, including your radio advertising and digital marketing efforts.

A consistent message that’s catered specifically to your target audience is critical to building a seamless brand experience. You wouldn’t want to develop a creative radio spot and then not speak in the same tone or even use the same message in PPC or social media advertising. Just like you wouldn’t want to develop that same spot and then not play it enough so that it’s heard and remembered.

For example, an auto repair shop should deliver a consistent brand message that speaks to their unique target audience—“Routine maintenance and professional mechanic services for Chicago sports car owners”—across their website, radio spots, social media pages, and beyond. With appropriate frequency, radio spots will work in conjunction with your online presence, social media, and more to stick with listeners. When they are in need of maintenance, you’ll be top of mind and in the top results for their online searches.

Advertising on the radio continues to provide a great branding and lead generation solution for automotive dealers and brands. When integrated with digital marketing efforts, radio can drive a significant boost to recognition, website traffic, and sales.

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