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Recently, we broke down five of the biggest reasons radio works for advertisers. Radio provides significant reach, an engaged audience, and proven ROI—however, achieving radio advertising success requires more than simply producing and placing a spot.

Oftentimes, what can make or break your radio advertising success is the partner you choose. As mission-driven, community-focused media professionals, our experience has shown us that there are certain traits that separate the true radio experts from the other guys.

5 Things To Look for in a Media Partner

If you’re a radio advertising first-timer or looking to improve on your marketing success, keep these five things in mind when selecting your media partner. Do they provide the following? If not, it might be time to make a change.

1. They Keep Their Promises.

When you make an agreement with your radio partner about how your spots or campaign will run, you expect them to be ordered and fulfilled that way. Unfortunately, some radio partners will bump your ads, not honoring your agreement and potentially letting your message get lost in the clutter. A partner you can trust is one that gives you what you’re paying for—that not only cares that your ads run as promised, but that they are heard by the right audience enough times to make a positive impact.

2. They Limit Commercial Breaks.

While the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) reports that 80% of AM/FM listeners are okay with hearing ads, that doesn’t mean they want to listen to an excessively long commercial break. After all, commercials are disruptions, and they’re tuning in to hear their favorite music, DJ, or programming. A trustworthy advertising partner understands that too many commercials are bad for listeners and advertisers alike. Select a partner that limits the length and number of commercial breaks, and keeps your advertising success a priority.

3. They Don’t Add More at the Last Minute.

Certain seasons or times of the year can raise demand for commercial airtime, especially at the last minute. The best advertising partners put a high value on their air time, but some will add even more spots to their commercial breaks in order to capitalize on that demand. Remember, you already want a partner that limits commercial breaks and ensures that your ad gets the attention it deserves. Avoid partners that accept and add commercials at the last minute—they’re making money, and probably aren’t that interested in your ROI.

4. They Have Top Talent.

Personalities are often the cornerstone of a station and can be what makes it special or different. The RAB reports that the testimonials and recommendations of on-air talent and personalities drive consumer trust. In fact, 70% of listeners think of their favorite radio personalities like a friend whose opinion they can trust. Of course, you want to select the personality that aligns best with your brand, and the right partner will help you make the best choice.

5. They Offer the Full Package.

In today’s world with multiple screens and countless consumer choices, no piece of your marketing should carry all of the weight. Most brands need an integrated marketing approach, and a partner that can provide it all. Does your media partner offer only radio, or results-focused integrated campaigns?

At Hubbard Chicago, we aim to provide a superior and dependable experience to Chicago advertisers through our no-bump, no-add policies, limited commercial breaks, and top radio talent. Our staff of experts is dedicated to helping you meet your business needs and to amplify your radio campaign by pairing it with appropriate social and digital campaigns. All of these characteristics combine to create what we call the Hubbard Difference.

Want to learn more about what makes us different? Watch this quick video, or contact us today.

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