Cheers to Chicago! 3 Reasons Why Advertisers Should Sponsor Wine Festivals This Summer

Cheers to Chicago! 3 Reasons Why Advertisers Should Sponsor Wine Festivals This SummerSummer is the perfect time to savor moments spent relaxing with our friends and having plenty of fun. Chicago offers numerous opportunities to add to these types of memories, not least of which are wine festivals. With a delectable selection of more than 300 wines from around the world, both the Naperville Wine Festival and the Windy City Wine Festival will wine, dine, and entertain Chicago locals with food from regional restaurateurs and live music. Naperville will host at the historic Naper Settlement, adding rustic charm, while Windy City’s chosen an iconic Chicago location — Buckingham Fountain — for its festivities. It’s no surprise then that last year, the combined attendance was over 20,000!

With crowds like that, Chicago’s wine festivals present a prime opportunity for businesses to reach attendees through unique, engaging, and fun sponsorships.

3 Reasons to Participate

Event marketing is already a powerful tool, and choosing relaxed events like the Naperville or Windy City Wine Festivals allows you to positively position your brand within a relaxed and sophisticated setting. Partnering with Hubbard Chicago to sponsor these events can amplify those results further through additional marketing channels and exposure. 

1. Outstanding Brand Exposure

Tens of thousands of attendees will experience the multitude of flavors of wine from around the world and food from gourmet chefs from here in Chicago (and beyond). Even more will look up the event and tune in for details, even though they may not actually go. With pre-festival radio spots, on-air sponsorships, and digital outreach, you can reach audiences even beyond the attendees day-of. That bolsters brand awareness and ties your business to a lifestyle.

2. Positive Word of Mouth

Supporting what your audience loves is an easy way to appeal to their hearts, and with these festivals in particular, it positions your brand as a key role in unique community experiences that only happen once a year. You’ll be key to crafting unforgettable and exciting moments that attendees will look forward to next year, which they’re likely to talk about with friends, family, and social media peers.

3. Fodder for Future Conversations

When it comes to event marketing, one of the best ways to maximize your exposure is to create experiences that extend beyond the event. This begins with unique content, opportunities to engage and connect onsite, giveaways, and even samples or promotional items they can take home. However, you can take it one step further with photos and video that capture the event, the lifestyle, and the people alongside your brand. This type of media can be used to stay connected with event attendees but also for promotional and marketing purposes down the line.

The chance to reach thousands of attendees while generating positive brand sentiment as well as material for expanding your brand story in a way that lets your audience see themselves as part of that story is the very reason event sponsorships can be so powerful.

Contact Hubbard Chicago today to learn more about these event opportunities, and more.



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