Commuter Party, Anyone? How to Connect with Chicago Consumers in a Fun, Memorable Way

LaSalle station Chicago, Illinois

To get attention and be seen by the right eyes, businesses need to place their message in the right place at the right time. That’s something we can all agree on — along with the fact that it’s harder to stand out when consumers are exposed to thousands of marketing messages a day. How can you make yours different and memorable?

Event sponsorship can be an exciting way to increase brand awareness. But you don’t always need headlining music artists or a world-famous food festival to tap into the power of event sponsorship as a local advertiser. Sometimes events can create excitement in the everyday, and be even more special because of their unexpected nature. A seemingly random pop-up party can be just as impactful as a planned event with ticket sales, simply because it breaks the monotony of one’s day.

Hubbard Chicago’s radio stations — 100.3 WSHE, 101.9 The MIX, and The Drive 97.1 — have teamed up with Metra to offer businesses the chance to put on an out-of-the-box, unforgettable experience for Chicago commuters. They’re called “Metra Commuter Parties,” and they can be hosted at LaSalle, Millenium, and Ogilvie Transportation Centers, with a potential to sponsor multiple parties per year.

3 Reasons to Party with Chicago Commuters

 1. Reach huge crowds of people on their way to and from work. 

Increase your brand’s memorability with Metra users by serving samples, handing out goodie bags, displaying signage and logos, and having support staff mingling with the commuters-turned-partiers. Not to mention that you’re also tied to a radio station that Chicago residents know and love.

2. Get your name out there – even before the party.

Sponsors of Metra Commuter Parties will receive eight :10 radio announcements prior to the event, as well as two weeks of online advertising on the station’s Upcoming Events page. Your company will also be included in station eBlasts, with links back to your website.

3. Be part of brightening your customer’s day.

When your company is behind breaking up the routine of people’s days, you will be remembered and talked about long after the event is over. Metra Commuter Parties offer one of the most coveted forms of advertising: positive word-of-mouth. An unexpected party at the train station can create an unpaid sales force — droves of delightfully surprised people talking about you in “Guess what happened to me today?!” conversations, in person and on social media.

Thinking outside the advertising box doesn’t have to be hard. Sometimes great solutions are right in front of you. And this is one advertising opportunity that is guaranteed to be surprising, delightful, and most importantly, memorable.

Be on the lookout for Hubbard stations during your next commute, and if you’d like to learn more about sponsoring a Metra Commuter Party, contact us here. Happy commuting!

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