Do Audio Ads Help Expand Your Presence on Social Media?

Advertisers who want to expand the reach and effectiveness of their marketing campaigns should seriously consider investing in audio ads. Audio ads can be exceptionally memorable and boost your brand’s credibility. They can also increase the impact of ads distributed through other mediums, like television, OTT, and social media. 
Let’s discuss how audio ads can expand your presence and attract more business to your company.

Audio Ads Improve Brand Awareness

Everyone loves a good story, and audio ads can be the perfect vehicle for telling your audience a short but memorable story. Even without the visual aspect associated with TV, the creative use of sound effects, background music, and other audio elements can leave a lasting impression on your listeners. 
Catchy jingles add another dimension to your narrative; for instance, who can forget McDonald’s famous “I’m loving it” jingle? Creating audio ads that are instant earworms will significantly improve your company’s brand awareness.
In this regard, traditional radio remains a highly credible medium that can deliver exceptional storytelling. However, digital audio can achieve the same goals, and you should not neglect them. For instance, ad copy on podcasts can often be longer and richer in information, with listeners being more attentive to the message since they actively sought out the podcast in the first place.

Audio Ads Encourage Action Online

Audio ads supplement your other marketing, and they’re particularly capable of encouraging online action. Radio spots that reference your company’s website in the ad copy can prompt interested listeners to investigate further on their smartphone, tablet, or PC. Posting links alongside podcast episodes on streaming platforms also makes it convenient for listeners to visit your site.
Online audio ads have a slight advantage over traditional radio spots since it’s much easier to track audience engagement with your online ads than with your radio ads. Radio ads’ effectiveness is measured through specific codes, phone numbers, or website visits within a recent ad play. Whereas digital analytics can include more detailed information, such as the total number of listeners at any point in time and how many visited your campaign landing page due to clicking one of your posted links.
In any event, audio ads can effectively drive consumer action, ultimately leading to higher sales and increased profit for your business.

People Will Interact with Your Social Ads More

Many people are understandably cautious when they see ads on social media platforms, especially when they’re unfamiliar with the company in question. In a world where trust in business organizations (and people in general) is at an all-time low, most consumers live by the adage: “Better safe than sorry.”
However, what if social media users do trust the company in question? They’ll be much more likely to interact with the ad. Audio ads can make your social media ads more recognizable by improving your brand awareness and credibility.
For instance, imagine that a consumer regularly listens to a program on local radio and hears one of your ads during a commercial break. Later that same day, the consumer comes across one of your company’s social media posts. If the consumer is interested in the product or service you offer, they’ll be much more likely to view your company as a legitimate business and click through to your home page or landing page.

Continue to Leverage Audio Ads to Boost Your Marketing ROI

It’s no secret that audio ads can yield impressive results. Radio remains one of the most powerful marketing mediums in the United States and boasts a weekly reach of approximately 82.5% of the adult population. In addition, the audio streaming industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds, reaching well over $13 billion by the end of 2022.
Apart from the return on investment that audio ads bring on their own, they can also increase the efficiency of your other marketing channels. They can drive more consumer action in online engagement with your brand. They can also build trust in your company and encourage social media users to interact with your ads and posts on different platforms.
Continue to leverage audio marketing to increase your overall ROI in 2023 and beyond. If you haven’t already invested in this channel, consider starting now, perhaps with the help of an experienced media partner. If you do, your business will no doubt experience exceptional results for the foreseeable future.

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