Fall Marketing Tips for Home Improvement Companies

Fall Marketing Tips for Home Improvement Companies

As summer slips away and fall arrives, some home improvement companies may begin to see business lagging. It’s the start of the off-season, when customers turn their eyes to the holidays and wait for the spring season to make home renovations. Nonetheless, marketing for home improvement companies doesn’t need to come to a halt. Fall still offers plenty of opportunities for companies to reach out to potential customers and begin filling their project pipeline.

That’s why we’ve put together the following fall marketing tips — they’ll help you maintain momentum throughout the fall season and stay top-of-mind when the season breaks.

Prepare Customers for the Winter Season

Cooler temperatures bring a different set of problems and needs than those during spring or summer. And you can help homeowners avoid them by providing fall maintenance services. Consider services like insulating the attic, installing energy-efficient windows, or repairing the roof. This will help bring in projects during fall, as well as position you as a trusted partner in caring for their home.

Run a Seasonal, Limited-Time Promotion

Keeping fall maintenance services in mind, develop a limited yet compelling promotion to drive customers’ interest and inspire them to act before the offer ends. That may involve a discount or even a service bundle.

For instance, you can offer a discount on a service like cleaning the fireplace or clearing leaves out of rain gutters. Alternatively, you can bundle the services as maintenance that should be done before the holidays.

Launch a Branding Campaign

Even if you prefer not to offer services or discounts during your off-season, branding is a must. Potential customers who are planning a project for spring are most likely conducting research months in advance. In fact, homeowners will spend roughly 3.5 months researching home improvement companies before making a decision, according to Synchrony Financial.

That gives you ample opportunity to get your brand in front of potential customers, and to educate them about who you are and the reasons they should choose you. Be sure to take advantage of various marketing tools to support your branding campaign. For instance, home improvement is a distinctly visual industry. Sharing how-to videos and before-and-after photos is a great way to attract new customers to your business year-round.

Look for Unique Marketing Opportunities

No matter which of the above three tactics you choose, there’s numerous ways to reach your audience, even in the off-season.


This powerful medium has the greatest reach, with 92% of American adults tuning into radio each week. More specifically, radio works for home improvement businesses – even in the off-season – because there’s less competition, winter projects do happen and it helps you stay top-of-mind when the regular season begins.

Digital Advertising

With digital advertising, you have a unique opportunity to reach your target audience throughout the year. In fact, most platforms, like Facebook and Google AdSense, allow you to deliver ads directly to homeowners in your local area.

You can also use retargeting to re-engage potential customers online. With this tactic, you can deliver digital ads to a specific audience – like your website visitors or listeners of a particular radio station – and increase your chances of converting them into paying customers.

Email Marketing

You’ve built your email database of potential and past customers, so use it! Keep them engaged with your latest news, new service options, and useful content like home maintenance tips during the fall and winter months.

Local SEO

While this is an ongoing marketing effort, investing in local SEO can help customers find you online, as well as information about your business, including location, phone number and hours of operation. In addition to utilizing local keywords, you might also register with Google My Business, which adds your business listing in Google Maps and Google Search in your local community.

Remember, just because it’s the off-season doesn’t mean that customers aren’t interested in your home improvement services. They may need help preparing their home for winter or planning for future projects. Marketing your home improvement business during the off-season will keep you top-of-mind and position you as a trusted partner for their home maintenance needs. Use our fall marketing tips to attract new customers and drive sales beyond the regular season.

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