How to Incorporate Storytelling in Your Audio Ads

Have you ever noticed how the most mundane topics can be made fascinating by how someone presents them? History, for example, can be delivered as a dry list of facts that do little to spark imagination or trigger long-term retention. However, the same details can transform into a riveting and memorable story in the hands of a skilled storyteller. That is what you want to do with your advertising: tell a story that enthralls and entices customers.
Storytelling takes on a unique spin when used in audio advertising. To capture and keep audience attention, you must make it engaging enough for them to listen to your message while giving them a clear idea of what to do with that information so you can achieve your business goals. Let’s look deeper into how to incorporate storytelling into your marketing campaigns.

What Is Storytelling in Marketing?

Storytelling in marketing uses a combination of data and messaging to accomplish your ad objectives. What may seem counterintuitive is that brand stories are told more through inferring than outright stating. Your brand is a character – not the storyteller. Your brand or product story is the cohesive narrative put together by all your ad components that tells who you are, what your values are, and what you can do to help your customers. If you are a purpose-driven company, your audio ads can paint a verbal picture of how the customers can be a part of your mission by simply purchasing your products or services.
Let’s use a beverage company, for example, selling a special compostable container that they market to hikers and nature enthusiasts. The general public may not understand that the National Parks Service has to deal with more than 100 million pounds of waste yearly from campers, hikers, and visitors. They may also not know that of the 300 million annual visitors, approximately 100 million use disposable water bottles. You can launch informational ads that tell stories about how using compostable bottles instead of plastic, disposable ones keep rivers and streams clean for fish and wildlife while reducing landfill waste. That makes listeners want to do their part to help while giving them greater respect for your company.

Storytelling in Audio Ads

The most significant impact of storytelling in audio ads comes from a compelling yet concise delivery, reaching listeners on whichever platform they prefer. You want to give the listener a clear idea of why your product or service differs and how people benefit from it. Let the story do the work by using the following best practices.

Explain Your Audience Benefit

Immediately let your target audience know what they get from the product or service. What is important to your core customers? How can your offering make their life easier, better, or more meaningful? Grab their attention with something that resonates, then tell your story. As audio grows as a platform, you’ll be able to reach new audiences by highlighting benefits that are unique to them.

Outline Your Core Message

If you aren’t clear on the point of your message, how will the customer understand what message you are conveying? You need to explicitly state what you want to achieve so the customer knows what to do. A core message, however, can be summarized in six to ten words.
For instance, if a percentage of every sale goes to a charity, let them know that purchasing something they already need or want also raises funds for the care and support of children, animals, or those facing food insecurity. Include messaging, such as, “Every purchase shelters a stray animal for three days” or  ”For every product purchased, one meal is donated to a person in need.”
If your product makes their lives easier, tell them that too. Make messaging that explains and demonstrates the added convenience they get from your product, framing their purchase as an investment in getting time back in their day.

Be In-Depth and Candid

First, decide what kind of story you want to tell. Do you want the customer to take an action, like buying something? Do you want to gain more brand recognition? Do you want to build stronger engagement and a sense of community with your target audience?
No matter your ad goals, be genuine. Take the audience on an emotional and candid journey. Let your words connect with the listener and create a bond. Storytelling helps create a sense of community with those we try to reach.

Don’t Over Explain Yourself

Remember, you want your customers to hear and connect with your story – but you also want to leave enough room for them to figure it out for themselves. Remember, your brand is the main character, not the narrator. Don’t overcompensate to perceived objections by justifying your pricing, choice of causes, or any other potential sales blocks. If you believe in your products, company, and mission, your customers will, too.

Take Your Customers Through Their Sales Journey With Storytelling

Storytelling is a huge part of every culture. We learn world, country, state, and family history through stories. Parents teach their children about safety through stories. We connect with new friends and entertain each other by sharing our stories. 
Conveying emotion and eliciting action in succinct audio ads takes high skill and expertise. When you are ready to connect and engage more deeply with your audience, a media partner can turn your values, mission, and goals into compelling stories.

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