How to Launch Digital Promotions that Bring Customers and Don’t Break the Bank

Any business needs a steady influx of new customers to remain healthy. Of course, marketing plays a significant role in attracting new prospects. For instance, special promotions can attract customers and help familiarize them with your business. If they are sufficiently impressed, you will likely see them purchase from you again at some point.
Granted, you must put effort into keeping costs down when launching a new promotional campaign. It’s hard to strike that balance between making your promotion effective without digging too deeply into your advertising budget. The good news is that it is possible — and when you craft and deploy your promotion properly, your brand will enjoy the benefits that come from increased exposure.

Creative Promotional Ideas

For small business owners operating within the confines of a fairly strict budget, creativity can be the factor that genuinely levels the playing field. You must avoid spending too much on your promotion (either ad spend or application of the featured discount itself). Still, you’ll no doubt be able to find innovative ways to attract a sizable audience without cutting too much out of your profit margin.
Knowledgeable, intentional strategizing is critical here. One of your primary objectives should be to make your brand “top of mind” for consumers and keep it there. To make sure your promotion will contribute to this goal, and have the maximum impact on your consumer base, ask yourself questions such as:
•Which marketing channels are my customers most active on?
•What interests, concerns, or pain points does my product address, and can I incorporate them into my promotional materials?
•What will grab the attention of my audience?
•Where can I get the biggest “bang for my buck” regarding ad spending?
Within that strategic framework, let’s discuss a few possibilities to consider as you develop your promotional campaign:
1. Create a Special Link for Discounts
You can incorporate a slight discount within your digital (and even non-digital) ads to reward interested consumers when they purchase from your brand. The discount doesn’t have to be a “back-breaker” — 10% off seems to be a relatively common benchmark across different industries.
Not only will this promotional endeavor encourage more people to do business with your company, but you could also leverage it to gain deeper insight into your marketing reach. How? Track how many people use your unique link on their purchase over the next several months. That percentage will paint a picture of how many consumers you’re reaching with your ads.
2. Launch a Contest
You can use either social media or radio to draw attention to a special contest developed by your brand. You want to create a “buzz” around the contest and ideally have news of it spread by word of mouth. 
Again, the contest prize doesn’t necessarily have to “break the bank” to be enticing. Perhaps a $100 gift card is all you need to draw people to your company. Whatever the case, you can expect a well-designed contest to significantly boost engagement within your consumer base and push your brand to the forefront of your target customer’s mind.
3. Produce Exclusive or Themed Content
Many customers are attracted to the idea that they’ll gain access to “exclusive” content as a bonus for their brand loyalty. You can take that concept and apply it to your new promotion. Entice your consumers with the prospect of accessing valuable, informative, and entertaining content only available through your brand.
4. Partner with a Radio Influencer
According to one survey, some 80% of listeners feel that their favorite radio personality cares about their audience and the things that matter to them. With that in mind, consider partnering with a radio influencer to lend added weight to your promotion. If the influencer gets onboard, then at least some of their audience will follow.
5. Reward Customers for Reviews or Referrals
Referral marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow a business — and when it’s “organic” (i.e., through customer word of mouth), it doesn’t cost you a thing! Let your audience know you’re willing to reward customers who refer others to your company. Moreover, offer a small reward to customers who post a favorable review on Google or another review site. The more good press you can get, the better!

Continue to Leverage Balanced Promotions to Grow Your Brand

Designing and implementing a new promotion can take a lot of work. However, if you strategize beforehand and seek creative ways to engage with your audience and distribute your promotional materials, your promotion will stand an excellent chance of success. You’ll gain more attention, and your business will continue to grow.

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