A Guide to Finding Your Chicago Influencer

A Guide to Finding Your Chicago Influencer

Influential radio personalities don’t need to have a national platform to be highly effective. A radio influencer is anyone with a loyal listenership that can have an in-depth discussion from a personal perspective. Though there is some overlap with social media influencers, radio influencers are unique, with a deep understanding of their audience and their own way of reaching them.

There are many benefits to using radio influencers to promote your brand, and we have a number of stations with highly influential and popular personalities. Finding your ideal Chicago influencer is only a few steps away, but before you try to narrow down the right station and influencer for you, we have a few tips to help you get the right one to reach your target audience.

Learn Who Your Target Audience Listens To

The first step in your journey to picking your ideal influencer is determining who your target audience is. Once you have a firm understanding of who you want to reach with your message, you can then find out who your target audience listens to, since Chicago has a diverse range of audiences. The good news is you can choose from several station formats depending on the demographic you want to reach.

You want to figure out which stations best fit your target audience’s interests. For instance, 97.1 FM, The Drive is Chicago’s premier classic rock station. If your target audience is men over the age of 25, The Drive’s Sherman & Tingle Show would be a great way to broadcast your message. The same is true of other formats, with a different demographic of listeners on SHE 100.3 than 101.9 THE MIX.

There are several ways you can figure out the best format to reach your target audience. If your business is local to Chicago, you can ask your customers who they listen to. If your business is national, you may need to research listenership trends. With more than 80% of U.S. adults over the age of 35 listening to the radio each week, it pays to do a little research to find out the most effective format to capture the attention of that vast pool of listeners.  

Pick a Radio Host Who Understands Your Audience

When choosing your influencer, you want someone who will not just entertain but will resonate with your target audience. One of the factors that make radio influencers so impactful is that people trust other people over an ad. That trust makes your brand message resonate with the listener, inspiring them to take action, since 80% of listeners feel their favorite radio personality cares about their audience and the things that matter to them.

Your influencer must understand how to communicate with your audience, so your brand endorsements feel organic and genuine. When the audience trusts the influencer, they trust their message. These personalities are more than just a voice on the radio to their loyal listeners. Most audiences trust the opinions and recommendations from their favorite radio host like they would a trusted friend or family member.  

An effective radio influencer has their finger on the pulse of their listeners. They not only know how to appeal to their audience but understand what problems they face. Because they know their listeners’ pain points, they can communicate how your product or service can help alleviate those issues. That makes the influencer’s delivery of your message that much more impactful.

What To Expect From Working With Influencers

Using local radio influencers is an effective way to connect with your target audience. They have a tremendous impact, due in part to the fact that they live and work in the same communities as their listeners. This sense of shared interests creates a kinship and trust that is hard to find in other types of influencer marketing. It makes them particularly effective at increasing your brand awareness, as your message comes across as a personal recommendation.

Radio influencers also have a significant social media following, making them effective for reaching younger audiences.  The combination of social followers and listeners amplifies your message, as 71% of consumers who have a positive interaction with brands on social media are likely to recommend that brand. Because radio influencers connect with people through their on-air shows, at live events, at businesses in the community, and on social media, your marketing dollar goes further, with the potential for a much greater ROI.

Finding Your Chicago Influencer

Influencer marketing is a growing trend because it’s a highly effective marketing tool. Radio endorsements by popular and influential on-air personalities allow you to more effectively target your audience, as their loyal listeners trust them. In fact,  71% of influencers feel that an honest and authentic voice is what engages their audience. The Chicago market has many on-air personalities who have built a relationship with their listeners.

Once you know who the right target audience is for your brand message, it’s time to find out who they listen to. With the variety of formats available in Chicago that appeal to a wide age range of listeners, you have some compelling choices for an effective influencer. Choosing a local Chicago influencer is a wise choice since their endorsement is likely to have a significant, measurable impact.

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