Understanding the Value of Short Duration Radio Spots

Understanding the Value of Short Duration Radio Spots

When running a radio spot, choosing the length can be difficult for businesses. For example, a 60-second spot may have more impact initially, but 30-second spots (or shorter) can give you more airplay.

Most radio stations offer shorter spots in 10-second, 15-second and 30-second intervals, which are ideal for businesses who can get their marketing message across quickly. Although they provide fewer seconds on air at a time, there are a number of benefits to running a short duration radio spot.

Holds the Listener’s Attention

The average attention span is 8 seconds – shorter than that of a goldfish. Shorter radio spots can maximize these few seconds, increasing brand recall and ensuring listeners capture all of the information in the spot, especially the call-to-action (CTA).

Provides Access to Popular Dayparts

Opting for a short duration spot can make popular dayparts accessible for marketers. There is high competition for these spots, and a 15-second ad ran during morning drive time, for example, will likely be more effective than a 60-second spot that runs during a less popular time.

Less Expensive

Short duration radio spots are cost-effective, as production and run-time costs are much lower than those for a 60-second spot. This helps stretch your marketing budget over a longer period and allows you to allocate funds to other marketing initiatives.

Allows Higher Frequency

Because they cost less, shorter ads can be run more frequently to drive immediate action. Some radio experts believe the average person needs to hear an advertising message three times per week for it to be memorable. This can quickly equate to increased brand awareness, engagement, sales and brand loyalty for your business.

Tips for Short Duration Radio Spots

Be concise

A 30-second radio spot can comfortably fit between 70-75 words. When crafting the message, include only the most relevant information. The key is to be concise, as the most memorable radio ads are short and creative.

Have a strong call-to-action

Be sure to close your ad with a simple, easy-to-remember call-to-action (CTA) and a reminder of the benefits of your product or service. A good example of this is the 30-second Honda ‘CRV Black Edition’ spot, which was named one of the top 10 radio ads of 2016:


VO: (slow and deep) Want a sneak peek of the new Honda CRV Black Edition? Close your eyes…

(Very long pause)

The Honda CRV Black Edition. All the power of an SUV. All the clever thinking of a Honda. All in black.

See it for yourself, at Henry’s Honda, Crossmyloof, Glasgow.

As you can see, they start out talking about the product, and the call-to-action is directing them to do something specific (visit their Honda location).

Short duration radio spots offer a range of benefits, helping you drive action in a short period of time. They can also increase brand recall, give you access to popular dayparts and help you maximize your ad frequency. By keeping your message concise with a strong CTA, short radio spots can help you engage audiences and drive clear results for your business.

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