What Are the Advantages of Podcasts?


Podcasts have become increasingly prevalent in recent years. They cover everything from lifestyle to politics to true crime and more. Podcasts are incredibly popular from the entertainment aspect, but they also extend radio show life by reaching new audiences who cannot join the show during its live broadcast. They are easy to produce, particularly if you already have experience developing radio content.  

The content of radio and podcasts is largely the same, and either platform can leverage it successfully. The primary difference is that advertisers cannot edit their spots after something airs, where podcasts are recorded and can be edited or rerecorded. That can be an advantage for advertisers, as the ads can be updated as needed. 

The Benefit of Podcasts  

A podcast is a digital recording of an audio or an audio and video show, often a series, that subscribers can enjoy on various platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and many others. People can download them for later listening or streamed for immediate consumption. Like other streaming content, listeners can access podcasts on smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktops. Many live radio shows also get recorded and released as podcasts so audiences can listen or view the show in its entirety at their convenience.  

Podcasts are a growing channel, expected to reach  117.8 million monthly listeners in the U.S. alone by the end of 2021. That number will likely exceed over 144 million monthly listeners by the end of 2025. The listenership is decidedly younger, represented by 60% of Americans aged 18 to 34. The audience decreases as the age groups increase, comprising only 50% of the 35 to 44 group and less than 20% of those over 65 listening monthly.    

One of the reasons for the massive listenership is accessibility.  Radio is an excellent way to increase your marketing ROI by, reaching local regionsHowever, podcasts have no geographic limitation and listeners can find shows regardless of where they’re recorded, giving your production an extended life. Episodes are available virtually anywhere and accessible on almost any internet-enabled device, meaning that listeners in New York, Massachusetts, or Vancouver can find a show airing on Chicago radio, even without access to those stations. 

Forms a Deeper Audience Connection  

Podcasters, like radio personalities, form deep connections with their audiences, and that bond is made even more intense due to the way people listen. Generally, the audience members are by themselves, often listening with earbuds, which creates a more personal connection as if the podcasters are speaking directly to the listener.  

Sponsoring a podcast to advertise your brand helps you leverage that audience connection. They recognize and appreciate your brand for supporting their favorite show. Many businesses develop their podcasts as part of a content marketing strategy. When companies record podcasts in-house, they can further demonstrate their expertise.   

Conveys Richer Information in Longer Ad  

Podcast advertising is rising with the popularity of the medium. Businesses will spend $1.33 billion on podcast ads by the end of 2021. Even more impressive, spending is forecast to exceed $2.7 billion by the end of 2025 as advertisers see podcast advertising’s effectiveness.  

Podcast ads can be pre-recorded or read live by hosts. Because people can choose when they listen to podcasts, they can be more engaged and attentive. That means that you increase your chances of resonating with your audience. The longer format allows businesses to share more information, increasing top of mind awareness.   

Increases Brand Awareness Among an Engaged Audience  

Podcasts have highly engaged audiences that can capture attention in almost any setting because the podcasts are portable and on-demand. Advertising on popular podcasts allows you to increase brand awareness among this focused, dedicated audience. To illustrate, consider that podcast advertising provides up to 30 times the lift of other channels. 

Some of this lift may be ad placement. Radio ads placed in dayparts, like drivetime or specific time segments, have higher listenership and, therefore, higher ad prices. Podcast ads are also based on audience targets and sold to place ads at the episode’s beginning, middle, or end.   

Podcast ads increase your credibility because it forms an audience connection with the hosts, they tend to trust their recommendations. Even with pre-recorded ads, the brand can benefit from the popularity of the podcast. When combined with other strategies like direct response marketing, podcast ads create a synergy that makes other ads more effective. 

Leverage Radio and Podcast Ads for the Most Impact 

Podcast and radio ads are very similar. Both radio and podcasts have loyal audiences who value the opinions and recommendations of the hosts. The ads can be delivered directly by the host or pre-recorded. Because there is a substantial overlap between radio and podcasts, advertisers can successfully use the content in either format.  

Because listeners can choose when and how they listen to the podcasts, they tend to be more attentive and engaged. Podcast sponsors benefit from that engagement, as the audience appreciates the support that keeps their favorite podcasts going. The longer format of podcast ads allows brands to control the message they convey to the audience. You can leverage ads seamlessly on live shows, and they can update ads as necessary so new audiences will get the most updated version, regardless of when they listen.   

Businesses interested in cost-effective, high ROI marketing options should consider placing both radio and podcast ads. Podcasting is an excellent part of an overall content strategy that gives you unlimited reach and the flexibility to use your ads on multiple platforms.  

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