What Makes Hubbard Chicago Different? (VIDEO)

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Oftentimes, what can make or break your radio advertising success is the partner you choose. 

At Hubbard Chicago, our mission is to help Chicago business owners and marketers find the right solutions that help them improve their results and grow their business. Our experience has shown us that there are certain traits that separate the true radio experts from the other guys.

Check out our quick video to see what makes up what we like to call, “The Hubbard Difference.”

 To sum up The Hubbard Difference:

  • We strongly believe your ads should never be bumped. That’s why we have a no-bump policy. Your commercials run as ordered and entered.
  • We run limited commercial units per hour compared to other Chicago stations. While others play 18 to 24 ads per hour, Hubbard stations play between 11 to 13.  Long commercial breaks cause tune out! Our listeners stay and listen, and our ‘time spent listening’ numbers prove it.
  • We also have a no-add policy, meaning we don’t add more commercials when demand heats up in the market. We stick to our promises and stay committed to the listener and the advertiser.
  • Lastly, we believe on-air personalities matter. The relationship between the listener and radio personalities is the cornerstone of our stations.

Want to learn more about what makes us different?

Let’s talk about what radio can do for your business. Click below or contact us today.

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