What to Consider When Hiring a Digital Agency [Checklist]

What to Consider When Hiring a Digital Agency [Checklist]

As a business owner, digital marketing is one of the most important elements in your marketing strategy that will help connect your audiences. However, you may not have the time, resources or skills to do it effectively. Hiring a digital agency to manage your digital marketing efforts can help your business grow and give you the exposure you need. And choosing a trusted, reputable digital marketing partner is essential to achieving success.

Here are specific factors to consider when hiring a digital agency:

Industry Experience

There are a number of advantages to working with an experienced digital agency. Your company immediately gains access to different skill sets that work together to make your campaigns successful without you having to hire different employees to fill those roles. When interviewing these types of agencies, it’s important to assess their track record. Inquire about the types of campaigns they have worked on and who they have worked for. The more information they can provide to help you make an informed decision, the more comfortable you will be with their capabilities.

Range of Solutions

You need campaigns that will speak to your audience. The right digital agency will offer a range of solutions – like social media, content marketing and display advertising – to create an integrated approach designed to reach your audience where they are. At Hubbard, we provide digital, print and radio solutions to help you target customers at a variety of touchpoints. In fact, we can pair radio and digital together to boost your results and increase your return on investment (ROI). In addition to providing a wide range of solutions, your digital agency should also be able to assess and guide you as to which methods would work best for your business.


Another key to hiring the right digital agency is looking for signals of credibility to ensure it can fulfill its promises. Look for online reviews, customer testimonials, references and case studies to get a better picture of the agency’s reputation. If you can speak to any former clients on the work they’ve done, this is also a good way to help make your decision.

At Hubbard, we have worked with many clients and provide case studies to demonstrate how we’ve helped them achieve their goals. For instance, we partnered with Chicago Home and Garden Company to create an integrated approach – including live reads, social media, digital assets, email blasts and more – to increase market saturation and boost brand perception.


You also want to work with a firm that knows and understands the latest trends in the digital marketing space. Can they effectively integrate the latest digital marketing tools into broader campaigns? Do they have access to industry-leading marketing technology? Are they willing to think outside-the-box to help you stand out from your competitors? This can make a difference in how well you’re able to capture your audience’s attention and how well your campaigns perform.


Flexibility is also important when working with a digital agency. Campaigns won’t always go as planned, so your digital partner must be prepared to make adjustments if results are poor or pivot to incorporate a new trend or tactic. On the same note, they must understand that branding takes time and be willing to stick with a certain tactic in order to see measurable results. These factors can affect your marketing success, so it’s important to ask the hard questions to make sure your partner is working at your level of expectation.

Hiring the right digital agency can add significant value to your company. When taking this step, use this checklist to help point you in the right direction. Considering these factors will help you choose a digital marketing partner that will fit your needs and drive results for your business.

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