Why Digital Adds Depth to Your Healthcare Content Marketing Strategy

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With the rise of services such as telehealth and virtual wellness-checks, healthcare providers have access to new and innovative ways to connect with their patients. That allows them to provide services and care to patients more easily – which also gives them increased opportunity to stay ahead of their competitors. Digital marketing is one of the best ways to promote your services, as it helps to connect you to many potential customers as they search for medical care. It’s a beneficial means of getting your brand in front of the customers who need you – both before and when they need your services.

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the top digital marketing tips and strategy guidelines to help you flesh out your brand and help more customers than ever. We’ll go over how digital connects you to customers and tips on how to develop your digital marketing to reach them better.

How to Connect to Customers with Digital Marketing

Digital marketing streamlines the way healthcare companies connect with their customers. Through targeted online strategies such as SEO with content marketing, SEM, and digital advertising, healthcare providers can reach a larger, more targeted audience. Whereas social media and email marketing allow companies to deliver direct, personalized communication and engagement. They allow you to foster a more personalized connection through sharing health tips and updates or sending reminders and offer customer service.

Implementing any or a combination of these strategies makes your healthcare facility easier to find, while making it easier to maintain connections with your patients. Analytics from digital marketing efforts also provide invaluable data, enabling healthcare companies to understand their customers better and customize their offerings accordingly.

Amplifying Your Strategy with Digital

Digital marketing allows you to share your content with a wider audience, all while gaining traction from the trust it bolsters and reaching even more people. Creating an attractive website gives your customers something to do on your website as your digital ads funnel potential patients to your site, showcasing the value in your services and build trust.

Launching display ads or SEM to highlight a new service that’s tailored to reach new followers. That personalization increases web traffic by delivering personalized messaging to your customers.

Segmenting audiences categorizes their interests and needs, which helps companies tailor their advertising more effectively. If one of your customer groups has concerns about their heart health, creating a series of display ads targeted to that group would focus on what your facility offers regarding that. However, a customer segment that’s more athletic would be better suited to ads about bone and muscle health.

Next, we’ll discuss how content marketing helps you make your marketing even more effective.

Content Marketing Tips for Healthcare

Content marketing gives healthcare providers opportunities to increase trust and create strong connections with patients and works well as a core to your marketing strategy. Developing content helps you create an informed customer-base, helping them make better decisions. It gives you things to share through your marketing and encourages people to spend more time on your website.

You can focus content on the local area you serve, giving your marketing more personalized focus and showing patients how they can benefit from your services. Furthermore, optimizing your content for SEO keywords so people can find your brand through we searches.

Here are a few types of content that could be incorporated into your overall digital marketing strategy:


Healthcare companies can keep customers informed if they create and publish regular blog posts that address common health concerns, break down important medical advancements, or discuss valuable health and wellness tips.
Regular blog posts provide value to readers and boost your website’s SEO value, helping your content to display higher in search engine rankings. It will also help with lead generation and encourage your customers to trade their information for gated content or blog subscriptions. If you aren’t sure what sort of blog posts to start with, consider providing wellness tips that directly address the needs of your typical patient base.

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters can be a valuable part of your healthcare content marketing strategy. An expertly crafted newsletter can keep your existing patients informed about the latest treatments and services you offer, as well as provide general information about your practice. A bi-weekly or monthly newsletter is a great place to start. Always offer value in your newsletters, such as exclusive information and perhaps even special offers your patients can’t find anywhere else.

Successful email strategies rely on building your email list, which you can do through lead generation. A quality blog can encourage email sign-ups by demonstrating the level of information they’ll receive after signing up.

Video & Audio Content

Well-crafted videos or audio (such as podcasts) also helps improve your SEO by ranking for keywords on other platforms, like YouTube or by making accompanying posts on your website. They also provide more content to share on social media or in emails, allowing you to give customers more value for what you offer.
There are endless possibilities to explore, including patient testimonials, physician interviews, or simple explainer videos about medical procedures or services. Video and audio content allow you to convey complex information in an easily digestible format.
You can also share practice information in videos, walking patients and potential patients through what differentiates your practice from others in the area and let them get to know your facility and employees. If customers have any nervousness or misgivings about seeking medical care, learning about your facility might make them more comfortable in scheduling an appointment.


Including a strong selection of visual content in your digital strategy, like infographics, helps you break down complex medical information or procedures, making it easier for audiences to understand the topic you’re describing. Graphics also grab people’s attention in their feeds or in their emails because it’s easily digestible to read.
They also make it easy for patients to share your content with others in their social networks, which can expand awareness as people are more likely to trust recommendations from people they know.

Webinars and Virtual Events

To engage your community and provide helpful health education, consider hosting a webinar or virtual event. Webinars and other virtual events help educate and engage customers, while showing your patients and followers that you truly care about building a community. They also help your facility establish itself within your community by making topics that pertain to your patients.
Demonstrate your commitment to improved health and wellness by hosting a webinar once a quarter, covering new and relevant topics that directly affect your community.

Hubbard Chicago Can Help You Add Depth to Your Brand

Having a media partner is a game-changer when creating a strong digital marketing strategy. Hubbard Chicago offers a variety of digital marketing services to help you balance your marketing goals, build your brand, and amplify your sphere of influence. We inspire emotion and create strong connections, so you can focus on helping your patients live healthy, happy lives.
Contact us today to learn more about how to harness the power of digital for your healthcare content marketing strategy!

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