Why Radio’s Power is its Local Voice

Local Voice Power

Radio has an incredible reach. Roughly 98% of adults over age 18 listen to the radio, accessing a broader audience than television, smartphones, PCs, and tablets. What that represents for advertisers is tremendous purchasing potential. The station format allows advertisers to influence a vast number of highly targeted and niche groups based on the audience it serves.  

More than 244.5 million American adults tune into their favorite radio stations every month. Local stations give businesses even greater opportunities for more specific targeting. Increased granularity in who receives the message equates to higher success, as the listener exhibits the behaviors and preferences that fit your brand. Local stations are an invaluable, cost-effective resource for creating brand awareness and improving web and foot traffic for businesses in the community. 

The Benefit of Local Radio  

While radio reaches a national audience, local radio speaks to a specific geographical area. These stations vary by region and the interests of the local population. However, they do have one thing in common. Local radio stations have access to more detailed insight about their audiences.   

Local radio is a medium that offers highly unique benefits for advertisers. It provides many ways to reach the audiences most likely interested in your products or services. Businesses can sponsor events or show segments. They can choose to have a popular radio deliver their message by sharing a personal experience with the brand live on air or prerecorded.   

One of the most significant benefits of local radio is frequency. When a listener repeatedly hears about the benefits of a brand, product, or service, it keeps the business top of mind for the consumer. There is instant recognition for brick-and-mortar companies as they drive by the location. The frequency of the messages helps to connect the local community to the businesses that serve it.  

Reaches a Highly Specific Geographic Area  

Local radio reaches highly specified areas. Smaller stations reach unique audiences whose interests align with the station’s theme. These local stations appeal to a select demographic, allowing for highly precise targeting. By choosing formats that attract a specific gender, age, income, or ethnicity, you can tailor your ads to resonate with your potential customers.  

For instance, if you want to reach a younger audience, you’d likely choose a Top 40, Alternative, or Urban station. Those are the most popular for teens aged 12-17. Rock, Top 40, and Adult Contemporary are all formats that attract ages 18-54, and Classical, and New Adult Contemporary attract people ages 55-64. If your company’s target is retired adults, stations that have an Adult Standards, Classical, or News Talk format reach an audience predominately aged 65 and older.  

Greater insight into your customers guides you to the station formats and locations to bring the best results. When your ads target your desired audience with high specificity, your messages will have more impact as the audience will identify with the message. This insight and understanding of what resonates with your customer group also let you design effective marketing tests before launching an entire campaign.   

Improves the Effectiveness of Digital Targeting  

Radio pairs perfectly with digital, encouraging people to look up information online. That means your radio spot drives people to specific websites and motivates them to purchase. You can identify what ads drive the most traffic, how the customers interact with the site, and what causes the most significant conversions. Combining radio and digital improves search engine effectiveness and allows retargeting opportunities, increasing your chances of impacting customers and keeping your brand top of mind.  

Develops a Loyal Listening Base  

People are quicker to trust sources that know them and their experiences. Audiences identify with the personalities on their local stations, as people who know and live in the same area created the station. When these radio hosts deliver your ads, the listener feels like they are getting a recommendation from a trusted friend who knows and understands them and their lifestyle. The consumer hears about your brand as they go about their lives, such as commuting, traveling, working out, or hanging out in their home, reaching them when they are less distracted.   

Leveraging Local Radio Let’s Your Message Resonate With Your Target Audience 

Radio is a uniquely flexible and effective medium. Large stations reach more consumers than any other medium, making them ideal for brand awareness. You can influence various personalities and preferences by choosing specific formats and programs.  

Local radio provides the most direct route to specific audiences. The listeners identify with the radio personalities, as they hear them every day and often see them at community events. When they hear of a product, service, or brand from their favorite hosts, the message has more impact than if an unknown voice delivered it. The customers have a relationship with the radio influencer and trust their recommendations.  

Understanding what is important to your target audience is the first step in creating a lasting impression. That allows you to identify the best formats and programming that will appeal to your prospective customer—making a campaign using radio and digital can result in significant ROI.  Work with a respected, experienced media partner to help you gain the best insights to reach your desired customers.  

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