2060 Digital’s The Push-Pull Theory: How Digital Marketing Elements All Work Together

Like any other classic combination (peanut butter and jelly, Lucy and Ricky…), something seemingly magical happens when you employ both push and pull marketing in a holistic marketing strategy. Read on to find out how implementing the “push-pull theory” will help you garner more leads, boost conversions, and improve your overall ROI, than just employing one facet of digital marketing.

What is Push Marketing?

Push marketing is basically the traditional form of marketing, where businesses use television, radio, direct mail, print, billboards, etc. to get their message in front of a target audience. Audience engagement originates entirely with the advertiser, so by nature it requires a very wide range of reach in order to be effective. This isn’t to say push marketing is ineffective; however, for businesses that don’t have access to a large advertising budget, push marketing should be approached with a diligent emphasis on efficiency of ad spend.

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