4 Big Reasons to Build Chicago Radio Into Your 2018 Budget


The new year is right around the corner. And that means Chicago business owners and marketers are in annual planning mode, or will be soon! If radio is not already part of your 2018 marketing budget, it should be.

We’ve shared why radio works for small businesses—in today’s post, we explore why right now is a great time to add radio to your annual marketing plan.

4 Reasons to Add Chicago Radio Your Marketing Mix


1. It’s the perfect time.

It’s not too late to incorporate radio into your marketing plan for 2018, and by doing it now, you will avoid having to worry about it during the busy holiday season. Get started with our 4-step plan and: (1) take a look at what has worked this year, (2) examine current trends, (3) set goals, and (4) line up resources.

Reviewing your results from the year will help you understand what strategies have been effective, so you can build on those for the upcoming year. Taking a look at industry trends and what your competitors are doing helps you develop campaigns to strengthen brand perception and increase customer loyalty. Conducting this type of review will also help you set realistic goals for the new year and enable you to line up resources, such as the right station and partner for radio spots.

2. Strengthen your integrated strategy.

Radio advertising can provide the reach and frequency necessary to supplement your SEO, social media, and digital strategies for optimal results throughout the year. In addition, when coordinated in conjunction with your digital marketing efforts, radio helps you get the most from your advertising budget.

Ensure that your message is consistent across media channels to increase recall among consumers. One of the unique advantages of radio is leveraging the trust listeners have in radio personalities, whose endorsements can extend beyond the airwaves as influencers on social media.

3. Avoid the stress.

You probably already have some ideas of promotions you want to run at specific times during the upcoming year. Restaurants often run Valentine’s Day specials, retailers increase advertising as summer approaches, and furniture and mattress stores regularly offer discounts associated with holidays such as Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Avoid the headaches of scrambling at the last minute to arrange radio advertising amid the competition. Working with your media partner, plan your strategy now for campaigns you will be running throughout 2018.

4. Get results.

Radio has a history of driving real, tangible results for Chicago businesses. It’s a powerful medium that reaches 93% of Americans at home, work, and in their cars. According to a study by the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB), radio generated a 29% increase in Google search activity. A Nielsen study found that advertisers achieved $6 of sales for every $1 invested in radio, while radio promos showed a 16% conversion rate and increased retention by as much as 11% (for various industries).

While many factors play into the success of radio ads—such as your creative concept, the station you choose, your campaign schedule, and others—some things about radio are proven. Radio offers advertisers reach plus targeting options, builds trust among listeners, and provides the necessary frequency to achieve your marketing goals, from increased brand awareness to sales. That means radio should be included as a fundamental part of your marketing throughout the year. Now is the best time to make sure there’s space carved out for it in your 2018 marketing plan.

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