4 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Social Influencers


4 Things You Probably Don't Know About Social Influencers

Social influencers are individuals in the media who have significant influence on their audiences. They may or may not be actual celebrities, but they have gained trust and credibility with those who interact and engage with them on a regular basis. Through influencer marketing, brands can earn as much as $6.50 for every $1 spent as well as increase engagement, boost SEO and generate leads. If you are new to using social influencers, here are some facts that you may not know about this effective marketing technique.

1. Social Influencers Use More Than One Medium

When most people hear the term “social influencers,” they instantly think of social media and the different channels used to reach audiences, like Instagram and Snapchat. Yet social media is just one venue that influencers can use. They are also on the radio. In fact, radio personalities and DJs could be called the original social influencers, as they became popular with consumers long before social media arrived. Tapping into social influencers on multiple platforms can help you reach customers both online and offline – wherever they are.

2. They Influence Purchasing Behavior

Here’s another important fact about social influencers: they can influence the purchasing decisions of your target consumer. How much so? Nearly half of consumers (49%) depend on influencer recommendations when making a purchase. Among women, 86% will go to social media for purchasing advice. Even eight out of 10 radio listeners indicate they would try something their favorite radio personality endorsed. Brands who utilize them well will be able to see their sales numbers increase and, thus, grow their business.

3. Many Consumers Trust Them More Than Brands

Not only do people follow and engage with social influencers, but many of them trust them over brands. In fact, over one-third of consumers say they trust what influencers say about a brand more so than what a brand says about itself. In other words, marketing through social influencers may be more effective than marketing on your own.

Why is this? Social influencers take the time to build authority and authentic connections with their audiences. Thus, brands that partner with an influencer can build on that trust and transfer it to their own brands.

4. Micro Influencers Drive the Most Engagement

Are you ready to jump on board with influencer marketing? Before you start looking for the influencers with the largest following, consider this fact: micro influencers – or those with a small  but loyal following – generate 60% greater engagement than other campaigns. This helps brands get greater return on their investment.

Working with micro influencers is also more affordable.  22% of marketers say they find it to be the most cost-effective method of getting new customers.

Influencer marketing is quite effective and affordable. Brands that are not already using it are missing out on an excellent opportunity to connect with their target markets. If you are thinking about launching your first – or next – influencer marketing campaign, keep these facts in mind to drive clear results for your business.

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