Why Recruitment Needs to Go Beyond a Job Board Listing


Why Recruitment Needs to Go Beyond a Job Board Listing

Recruitment is a challenge for many companies, with approximately three quarters (72.8%) of employers struggling to find relevant candidates for open positions. And with a 3.8 percent national unemployment rate, employers are also facing a candidate-driven labor market. In such a scenario, employers should be strategic about how they are recruiting new candidates.

While posting an open position to job boards—such as Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Monster, CareerBuilder, or Glassdoor—may yield a high volume of applicants, it is less certain as to the quality and relevancy of those candidates. As a result, employers must sift through a plethora of responses from candidates who may not be a good fit in order to identify those that are.

In an effort to optimize recruitment practices, employers should practice using new and innovative recruitment tools, such as radio and digital advertising, to attract and engage a more substantial and talented selection of candidates.

Why You Need More Recruitment Tools

Connect with Passive Job Seekers

Employers are currently facing a talent shortage, as about 86 percent of the most qualified candidates for open positions are already employed and not actively seeking a new job. Additionally, employees are switching jobs more frequently these days. Research showed 73 percent of candidates are passive job seekers, which means they are currently employed, but are open to hearing about new career opportunities. However, they aren’t searching online or browsing job boards. Because of that, radio is uniquely situated to be a more effective recruitment marketing tool for the market’s passive job seekers.

Radio advertising can engage individuals who are employed but interested in new opportunities as they travel to and from work. Additionally, according to Radio Ink, radio reaches the passive job seekers’ center of influence, including their spouse, parents, friends, or coworkers who know they are passively searching for a better opportunity.

Strengthen Employer Branding

Reputation is a major factor for job seekers. In fact, about 84 percent believe the reputation of a company as an employer is an important factor when deciding where to apply for a job. Additionally, about 55 percent of job seekers abandon applications after reading negative reviews online—including on job search websites—and less than half of employers take the time to monitor and address reviews of that nature.

Businesses and recruiters can use radio and digital advertising to strengthen their employer branding, including their reputation as a place to work. Through these channels, you can discuss more than basic facts about a position and its associated responsibilities. You can also tell a story about the company’s history, values, culture and perks—all of which are features that attract top candidates. These recruitment marketing tools are also conducive for sharing employee testimonials, photos and videos, which give intimate and valuable insight into the company and what professional experience to expect.

Target Top Candidates

According to recent research, top candidates stay available for only about 10 days before getting hired. That gives recruiters a very small window for reaching and engaging them. Rather than wasting time filtering through irrelevant or underqualified candidates—which is often the case with the one-click application feature included on job boards—employers should identify and target ideal candidates to make the recruitment process more efficient.

Radio and digital advertising can help with targeting top candidates because recruiters can run ads based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and other identifying factors. You can also take advantage of geotargeting, allowing you to deliver specific content to users’ mobile devices based on their geographical location. With geotargeting, you can even advertise your job opening to individuals near a competitor’s site or in close proximity to your own business.

The Need for Extra Recruitment Tools

In light of the current candidate-driven and competitive job market, recruiters must think beyond online job boards when advertising open positions. Not only does that strategy limit an employer’s ability to control their reputation, but it also isn’t effective at reaching the myriad passive job seekers who comprise a large portion of the market. Other innovative recruitment marketing tools, such as radio and digital advertising, can fill in the gaps to help employers connect with and draw in the preeminent candidates in their specific industry.

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