4 Ways Chicagoans are Different (and What That Means for Your Marketing Strategy)

what makes Chicago different?

There are so many things that make Chicago a one-of-a-kind city and define the people who call it home. Sure, our pizza and hotdogs are unmatched, and we’re known for dyeing our river green. But it’s not just our incredible cuisine and eccentric traditions that make us different.

If you’re a local business owner or advertiser, chances are you know what makes your target persona tick — but does your marketing strategy reflect that you get Chicago?

At Hubbard Chicago, we know how to reach and resonate with local customers. Our clients get the benefit of in-depth industry and target persona research — and more importantly, it’s our home town.

Here’s what we know about Chicago, and what that means for your marketing.

We Value Hard Work

For starters, it’s not called the City of Big Shoulders for nothing. The people and businesses of Chicago value discipline and honesty, and we get stuff done while keeping the door open for improvement. We move fast and we’re not frivolous, which means advertisers often need to reach us on the go in a no-frills manner. Cut to the point, be helpful, and add value to your customers’ lives.

We’re Tougher Than Most

We don’t just handle some brutal winters. We also deal with the longest commute in the nation. That means you have an opportunity to connect with a large number of potential customers everyday with radio advertising — or think outside the box, and break the monotony of their day by sponsoring a Metra Commuter Party.

We Know How to Have Fun

Our free time is spent enjoying the city we’re proud to call home. There’s always something happening, which means there are plenty of opportunities to join the fun. For example, Chicagoans love The Drive (97.1 FM WDRV) and its annual Birthday Bash. It’s the perfect way to get your business’ name out there and increase your visibility in the community.

We Can Take a Joke

There’s a reason The Second City got its start here. We’re nice, but we can dish out a joke and take one, too. By the same token, we’ll see right through cliché, cheesy, or disingenuous advertising. Your brand and marketing strategy must be based in authenticity, from your creative executions to your social media activity and every other aspect of your business.

When you partner with Hubbard Chicago, you benefit from working with a team that knows Chicago inside and out. We can help you reach your ideal customers and keep your marketing strategy on target. Get started with a complimentary consultation.

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