6 Ways Radio Personalities are Making Meaningful Connections in the Chicago Community

6 Ways Radio Personalities are Making Meaningful Connections in the Chicago Community

Radio personalities have an integral role in the community. In fact, 56% of listeners state that radio talent is the main reason they tune in. They also have powerful influence with their audience – they keep listeners entertained, influence their purchase decisions and inform them of community events and issues. In many cases, radio personalities can be viewed as the pulse of the community, with a level of reach and engagement that’s hard to duplicate.

The same is true for Chicago radio personalities. Whether online or at off-air events, there are a number of ways they build relationships with listeners in the local community. As a result, local marketers have many opportunities to tap into the loyal and highly engaged audience that these personalities have created.

Building Connections with the Chicago Community

Below are six ways radio personalities are engaging the local community:

1. Hosting Events

It’s not hard to find radio personalities hosting special events in the community. This gives them an opportunity to extend on-air conversations, meet listeners in person and deepen their connection. Not surprising, 4 out of 10 people have personally met a radio DJ that they listen to.

For example, Sherman and Tingle from 97.1 The Drive hosts a weekly event at local bars and restaurants called Traveling Thirsty Thursday. This allows them to regularly meet and connect with people in the Chicago community, as well as drive foot traffic for local businesses.

2. Delivering Authentic Endorsements

Eight out of 10 listeners indicated they would consider trying something their favorite radio personality recommended. Therefore, personalities who endorse products they love, trust and believe in can help to build credibility with their listeners, as well as boost sales for Chicago businesses.

3. Connecting on Social Media

Many radio personalities continue their on-air conversations on social media, allowing them to engage with listeners on a more personal level. Connecting on social media makes personalities feel like a friend, which may explain why half of all radio listeners follow a DJ or station on social media. Take the Eric in the Morning with Melissa and Whip show on 101.9 The Mix for example. The show hosts use Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to further connect with listeners on show topics.

4. Having Real Conversations

One of the best ways to establish meaningful connections with audiences is to have real, authentic discussions with them. And many radio personalities aren’t opposed to sharing personal details about their lives with listeners.

To spark conversations, personalities typically invite people call in to respond to questions or give their opinion on a particular topic. Hosts of the 101.9 The MIX morning show use the Text Topic of the Day to get advice from listeners, share their biggest secrets and discuss topics like dating, gossip and work.   On 97.1 The Drive, Sherman and Tingle do a personal segment called “2 Minutes with Our Wives”.

5. Offering Membership Programs

Exclusive membership programs can help deepen connections with listeners by making them feel as if they are apart of the “in-crowd”. These types of programs are usually reserved for the most dedicated listeners, and gives them private access to movie screenings, events, concerts, meet-and-greets and other perks. 100.3 SHE, for example, offers rewards to listeners for the number of hours they tune into the station daily.

6. Hosting Podcasts

Podcasts give radio personalities another voice and avenue to connect with the Chicago community and extend the on-air conversation. According to the Pew Research Center, 44% of Americans ages 12 years and older have listened to a podcast. To deepen connections with listeners,  a few of the hosts of 101.9 The Mix also host engaging podcasts.  Lisa Allen hosts Non-Stop with Lisa and Jerry and Eric in the Morning has a podcast as well.  These cover a range of interesting, and often personal, topics.

These are just a few ways radio personalities build meaningful relationships with the Chicago community that can also benefit local marketers – helping them successfully reach their target audience. To take advantage of these connections, contact a media partner who can help assess your needs and match you with a radio personality that can connect you to an engaged audience and, thereby, boost your marketing results.

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