6 Ways Radio Personalities Create Meaningful Relationships

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Radio reaches a huge audience of engaged listeners throughout the week, and it’s not just the music that has them tuning in.

Radio personalities are a critical part of the listener experience. In fact, according to a study from Cumulus Media and Vision Critical/MARU, many listeners (68%) can easily name a favorite AM/FM personality, DJ, or show, and a little more than half (52%) tune into their favorite station specifically to hear their favorite personality.

Simply put, radio personalities matter to their listeners. They’re a familiar, trusted voice and they engage with their audiences on a regular basis, encouraging interaction and building relationships. When they talk — about music, news, community events, or their thoughts on a business — people listen, and the conversation even continues off-air through other outlets, like social media and community events.

Using the right personality in live reads, endorsements, and recorded spots is a smart opportunity for business owners and advertisers.

How Listeners Feel About Their Favorite AM/FM Radio DJ

The aforementioned Vision Critical survey asked more than 2,600 consumers how they feel about AM/FM DJs, hosts, and other personalities. It revealed an affinity between radio personalities and listeners that can be a boon to brands if tapped correctly.

The following shows the percentage of respondents that answered “somewhat agree” or “strongly agree” to six statements around their connection with radio personalities:

  • They Make Me Laugh.” (87%) — The  majority of listeners feel a connection based on humor. Their favorite personalities represent a positive, entertaining part of their day.

  • I’d Follow Them to Another Station.” (64%) — This level of loyalty exceeds loyalty to the station or format.

  • They Make Me Think.” (61%) — Listeners go beyond a passing consideration of what their favorite personalities talk about. They really trust them, and take in what they have to say.

  • My Daily Routine Wouldn’t Be the Same Without Them.” (59%) — Listeners tune in to their favorite stations regularly. They rely on their favorite personalities and value their role in daily life.

  • They Are Like My Friends or Family.” (51%) — This statistic in particular speaks directly to the power radio personalities have in the lives of their listeners and how closely listeners identify with them.

  • They Are Opinion Leaders That I Trust.” (46%) — Listeners look to radio personalities for suggestions and advice, seeing them as both experts and family.

As deeply trusted sources that listeners identify with on an extremely personal level, radio personalities build positive experiences in their listeners’ everyday lives. They also engender critical thinking through authentic discussions, and this all comes together to build formidable loyalty on the part of the listener. Every element of this can be transferred to your brand.

Perhaps you’re not sure where to start or which personalities will be the best choice for your business. Work with a media partner like Hubbard Chicago — we understand the power of radio and the personalities that drive it. Combined with our marketing expertise, we can select the personality that is the best fit for your unique customer base and brand. If you’re a Chicago advertiser looking to leverage the radio and the meaningful connections personalities form with their listeners, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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