8 Reasons Radio Advertising Works

Although it is a digital world, radio advertising is still prevalent as one of the most effective ways to promote your business. Below are eight specific ways radio still works and how it will help your business grow and see results.

1. Frequency

Did you know that Americans age 12 and older listen to an average of 13 or more hours of radio every week? With this amount of time spent listening to the radio, listeners are likely to hear your commercial several times, thus improving the results.

2. Streaming capabilities

In the past, most people listened to the radio only in the car. However, thanks to digital streaming, your listeners no longer have to be in a vehicle to hear your commercial. People listen at work, in their homes, at the gym, and even while walking the dog–so you will be able to reach consumers wherever they are.

3. A creative way to share your message

With radio, you can get creative and have fun using different music, unique voices and sound effects. This allows you to put a fun spin on your advertising creative and really draw in your audience. Whether you create your own advertisement or respond to an interview requested after a station viewed your press page, you can make something memorable.

4. An expansive reach

Radio reaches 93% of adults in the United States weekly, covering a wide radius. In addition, when you run an advertisement multiple times in the same day, you can reach multiple segments of your target demographic.

5. The ability to target a specific audience

Every radio station is tailored to a particular demographic, so it is pretty easy to target the right audience using this method. Your marketing consultant can share research that reflects age, income, career or purchase habits to help you select the right media mix.

6. Radio has local influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the most popular and effective strategies available right now. Radio personnel can act as your own personal influencers. Listeners hear the voices of these individuals every day. They are a staple in the community, and people know them well and trust them.

7. Radio drives results by playing into the imagination

Since radio does not rely on visuals, you can really play into the theater of the mind and allow the listener to picture what you are saying without even seeing it. You use this to your advantage when coming up with creative for your advertising campaign, and you can also explore options that would have been much more expensive if visuals had been required.

8. Radio reaches listeners at optimal times

People listen to radio when driving to and from work. Nearly 85% of US workers, or 150 million people nationwide, drive their personal vehicle to work and back each day. Chicago commuters spend on average four hours a week commuting to and from their place of work. During these trips, drivers have lots of time to tune into their favorite radio stations for entertainment, news and traffic information.You can use this to your advantage and target consumers at specific times of the day when you know they are listening.

Radio has been around forever, and it is not going away any time soon. People know and trust radio, and they feel a connection to the local personalities who become part of their daily routine. By advertising on the radio, your message will be heard. As you explore this option, look for a trusted marketing partner who will help you get the best results.

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