Are People Staying in or Going Out? How to Reach Customers Where They Are

Reaching Customers

The pandemic has become the unwanted guest that refuses to leave. It has seeped into all areas of our lives, making an indelible impression. The continuing changes have created ongoing challenges globally, impacting businesses in every industry. The cascading effects filter down to the customers.  

As we witness the constant efforts to deliver up-to-date information and guidance on the virus, the question that persists is whether to go out or stay inside. That question doesn’t have a blanket answer. Instead, it is dependent upon multiple risk factors that vary by situation. Ultimately, it comes down to the individual’s comfort level.  

One of the adjustments businesses face is how best to reach their customers in this dynamic environment. Luckily, multiple strategies exist that allow you to reach both current and prospective customers. Media like radio are widely accessible to virtually everyone, whether at home or out and about. The following tips can keep your brand top of mind and your customer engagement alive and thriving, no matter where your audience is.  

Customers Have Varying Comfort Levels 

Even at the late stage of the pandemic, many people are still staying in while others are going out. The variants show no sign of abating, which perpetuates the anxiety and uncertainty that have plagued the population from the start. Businesses must acknowledge and respond to the varying comfort levels of their target customers to stay relevant. That means your advertising must reflect that.  

Being strategic about your advertising will help your customers feel seen, heard, and acknowledged, regardless of their comfort preferences. It allows you to connect with new audiences and create a deeper affinity with your existing ones. In short, your advertising strategy can elevate your brand by being inclusive of many views and positions, including those around individual risk factors that affect how consumers go about their daily lives. Even if your customer demographic is more comfortable going out in the world, providing multiple ways to interact with your brand keeps them engaged. 

Understand Your Target Customer’s Preferences 

Marketers everywhere understand the criticality of market research and customer personas. They give insight into your customers and their preferences, which powers your advertising efforts. There are many ways to access this data, from customer questionnaires or surveys, competitor analysis, industry insights, and more. The knowledge you gain should help you form the most effective strategies for your particular target demographic.  

Your business can invest in and plan for various strategies to accommodate different customer preferences. They could include hosting hybrid online and in-person events, establishing an online store, or expanding delivery options. Providing multiple ways for your customers to interact and engage with your brand helps them participate in events and lets them browse and buy, even if they’re afraid to visit in person. The goodwill your business earns from these efforts will go a long way to converting customers.  

Furthermore, you can reach people whose schedules and locations make events or stores difficult to visit themselves. It expands your geographic area, allowing you to maintain relationships with customers you wouldn’t usually be able to reach. That can give you more leverage and stability to uphold and grow your business.  

Use Channels That Reach Customers Everywhere  

Achieving your marketing goals depends on reaching your target audience. The channel you choose has a material impact on how effectively you can reach customers in various locations. Different mediums can work better with some than others, depending on your target demographic. The most powerful strategy is adopting a multi-channel approach.  

Some channels, like traditional television, are more effective for those who spend more time at home. Using radio connects you with customers in their car and at home. Digital advertising reaches customers wherever they are when browsing online or checking their social media feeds. Online streaming and OTT give you additional ways to engage your customers at their convenience. 

When you combine two or more platforms, you amplify both mediums and propel your brand into new levels of recognition, reach, and engagement. When your customer sees you on social media or search result pages and hears your ads on the radio, podcasts, or streaming channels, it keeps your brand top of mind. It keeps you relevant and accessible. That is how to ensure your brand is the first one consumers think of before purchasing.  

Be Present and Accessible Where Your Customers Spend Their Time 

For the foreseeable future, businesses can expect a dynamic environment as an evolving public health situation shapes consumer behavior. That means businesses must anticipate needs as customers acclimate and develop new habits. Keeping ahead of emerging changes is made easier by engaging with customers so you can understand their concerns and respond to their needs. The way to achieve that is by being there for them, no matter their preferences or where they spend their time.   

Today, you have more options than ever to create relationships with your customers and clients. Engaging with your audience reinforces consumer trust and customer loyalty. It also allows you to influence their shopping and purchasing behavior. Adopting an omnichannel strategy that combines radio and digital helps you remain top of mind with your customers. 

Ensuring you know what your customers think is vital in our ever-changing economy and evolving public health environment. That means being accessible and responsive to your customers’ needs is more critical than ever. If you feel overwhelmed at the options and which work better for different groups, you aren’t alone. When you need guidance on the best way to reach and influence your target audience, consider working with a media partner to help you determine the best strategy for accomplishing this.   

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