Chicago on the Move: The Power of Audio on the Go

 ChicagoOnTheMove:The power of audio on the go

As most radio listening occurs when people are out and about in their cars, audio on the go was born from radio. As smartphones and music-streaming apps start to dominate the audio landscape, radio stations are finding ways to reach their audiences through these same mediums. This approach is particularly effective as US adults spend about 3.5 hours per day on their mobile devices, and 90% of that time is spent online using their favorite apps. What’s more, digital audio is seeing the most activity within apps, with US adults listening to almost an hour of audio through apps daily. Therefore, through online apps and websites, radio stations can encourage listeners to continue to tune in to radio on the go.

The Rise of Mobile Radio

Radio listening became an integral part of daily life with the development of car radios and portable media players in the 50s and 80s, respectively. As audio media formats switched from eight tracks and cassette tapes to CDs and MP3s, radio remained a constant source of music and entertainment. Stations continued to drive brand loyalty with their immersive programming and relatable radio personalities. And with the release of the portable Walkman in 1979, loyal listeners could tune in to their favorite programs throughout the day with radios in the car and at the hip.

Radio stations can utilize their connection with loyal listeners to engage their audience within the internet landscape. As radio stations create and market branded apps and websites, they can tap into their target market by reaching them where they spend the most time. Radio stations can also utilize third-party apps, such as TuneIn Radio and NextRadio, to reach new and existing listeners. Beyond allowing users to listen to music, the mobile radio apps can even offer various ways to directly interact with the station’s radio personalities and browse behind-the-scenes information about their favorite programs.

What Does This Mean for Marketers?

As radio stations broaden their reach and engage their target audience in modern ways, marketers can take advantage of the advertising opportunities that open up across those channels. Marketing experts can go beyond live and on-air broadcasts to run ads through the online radio station platforms. It is even possible to run both on-air and online ads to diversify your marketing plan and maximize your potential return on investment.

Hubbard Chicago radio stations, for example, reach their listeners on-the-go through branded mobile apps available on both Android and Apple phones. Marketers have the opportunity to sponsor the apps and have their ads appear before listeners many times a day. The ads reach listeners through their smartphones for ongoing engagement.

Reaching Your Target Audience Using Audio on the Go

As technology continues to advance, radio is able to go wherever listeners are. And this gives marketers more opportunities to reach and engage their target audience through sponsored programs and app content. And listeners will most likely be receptive to your ads since they’re running via their favorite stations. Contact a trusted media partner – like the experts at Hubbard Chicago – to maximize your marketing success through the power of audio on the go.

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