Furniture Store Advertising Tips Now that Items are Back in Stock

As anyone who has tried to purchase virtually anything from grocery items to cars to furniture since the pandemic knows, the era exhibited many inventory and stock fluctuations. Furniture stores have been hit particularly hard, with even those known for their wide selection and fast delivery unable to live up to their reputation. However, it wasn’t from lack of effort. Supply chain issues, raw materials availability, and labor shortages wreaked havoc on the ability to satisfy customer demand.
Consumers still want to be informed. They still need furniture, and many are willing to wait if their favorite store keeps them up to date on what they have in stock and what is coming. Business owners and marketers have an opportunity to be strategic in their marketing messages ahead of increased inventory to grow sales. This post will give you some actionable tips for advertising when you know inventory is on the way.

Run Ads More Often to Drive Interest

Have you ever seen those cryptic ads with no text or voice-overs besides a banner that says, “It’s coming?” alongside a company logo? It likely leaves you and the rest of the viewers that see it asking, what’s coming? You start to look forward to the ads to see if they give any other pertinent information. These teasers drive intrigue and interest.
It’s a simple strategy using no clever copy, no gravelly-voiced actor or beautiful former supermodel to read, and few or no product shots. While that may or may not work with your marketing strategy, it’s a perfect example of how you can grab attention and create excitement when you don’t have inventory to show them yet. Your ads can keep them engaged without breaking the bank on a production budget.
The most straightforward strategy is to increase your furniture store’s audio or digital ad frequency approximately one to two weeks before your expected inventory arrival. This methodology increases brand awareness and keeps your brand top of mind for those actively seeking or considering buying furniture. Your customers will appreciate the transparency, as it helps them plan when they can expect delivery or come into the store to see the new pieces.
These types of messages are awareness ads. They don’t feature new inventory. Instead, they prime customers to pay attention to more targeted follow-up ads. Like the example at the beginning of the post, it captures attention and builds interest in what’s coming.

Launch Promotions with New Inventory

New inventory arrival is the ideal time to launch a promotion. You can increase demand before the inventory arrives by including promotion ads alongside your new stock to help stand out from the crowd. Examples could include price drops on hard-to-sell items, free shipping and installation on popular items, or old furniture removal.
Now that we are experiencing more availability as the supply chain frees up, retailers are seeing their warehouses filling up again. That means it’s time to spark interest again, renew consumer demand, and move the merchandise. Unfortunately, this is happening while the economy is slowing due to increased prices at the pump, grocery stores, and furniture stores. However, that does not mean there aren’t sales to be made, as everyone loves to feel they’ve found a deal that’s too good to pass up.
Radio or audio ad campaigns are an excellent way to pique local interest in your furniture store. You can schedule ads for set times and intervals leading up to the arrival of new stock. Another popular way to drive traffic into your store or site is by having your local radio influencer mention your store’s holiday promotions. You can use pre-recorded ads or have them deliver them live with personal anecdotes about their experience with your store.

Treat Your Website Like It’s Your Showroom

Everyone loves a fast, informative, and easily navigable website. It must perform well, particularly for furniture shoppers, as there are many styles, colors, and materials from which to choose. For many, their furniture buying experience begins with shopping online. That drives them into your store to view the items in person and compare them with other options.
A responsive website helps people learn about your offerings. It lets them see the type of products you stock, what you have available, and what it might look like in a room so they can decide whether it will suit their needs. More frequent display ads or radio promotions will spotlight your website. It drives attention while giving people the opportunity to narrow down their focus or browse options before visiting your store in person.
Consumers may have sticker shock these days, but people are still buying. They are just more choosey about where they spend their dollars. That’s excellent news for furniture stores with a loyal customer base cultivated over years of excellent service. Those customers want to invest in businesses and products they know and trust. People invest in furniture and plan to have it for a long time, so taking more time to purchase it is often worth it when furnishing your life-long home.
Even with a dynamic, responsive site, furniture shoppers still want to see and feel the products. With higher prices and a recent history of hit-and-miss availability, they need to be informed and enticed back into the stores. A blend of radio and digital ads can reach your target audience effectively. Work with a media partner to help you find the balance between radio and digital ads to increase demand.

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