Harnessing the Power of Audio-Visual Marketing in the Digital Age

Harnessing the Power of Audio-Visual Marketing in the Digital Age

Unsurprisingly, online and social media marketing has become an increasingly integral part of corporate strategy. Through these platforms, consumers engage with audio and video content that speaks to their needs, wants, tastes, and sensibilities and ignore everything else. If you want to take the fastest route toward building your brand, you should explore how to maximize the impact of your marketing efforts on social media.

In this post, we’ll dive deep into how companies can lean into audio and visual marketing to reach new customers wherever they are and continue to thrive while adapting to new platforms.

Making the Most of Audio and Video Marketing

Regardless of the platforms you use in your marketing plan, the same basic rules apply to intertwining your brand with your messaging. For example, creating a cohesive, easily recognizable style within your materials is essential. Use it to help convey your brand story while providing entertainment value to your customers.
Remember that storytelling is a more powerful marketing tool than data because it helps customers quickly interpret and envision themselves within it. Even when you have powerful data-driven points to make, do whatever you can to incorporate them into a larger dramatic framework. Data may make people think, but stories will make them feel a certain way about your brand — and emotion is often a better purchase motivator than reason.

Audio/Video Marketing Ideas

There are several specific strategies and tactics that you can develop to make your audio and video marketing more impactful and ultimately more profitable. Here are some suggestions to consider:

Start a podcast

Podcast ads can be up to 36% more memorable than video ads, depending on how well-designed and well-placed they are. But what if you actually started your own podcast? You may be able to share your industry insights in entertaining ways or interview fascinating subject matter experts. The reward? You’ll build a community of listeners who trust your voice and eagerly tune into the next episode.

Deliver product demos on video

If you have specific products you want to show off, why not demo them in videos? Let consumers see your products in action — how they work, which features they have, and what they can improve in your audience’s life. It lets customers see your product, learn how to use it, and get insight into your brand personality through your company.
Remember that people make video reviews of all products and videos, so if you don’t make these videos available – someone else will. It’s better to keep that under your control and demonstrate your helpfulness.

Conduct live Q&A sessions

Go live on social media and answer customer questions, keeping your answers helpful and authentic. It can do wonders for establishing your authority as a thought leader in your sector and increase engagement with your customers. They can see in real-time how knowledgeable your company is and be reassured about any concerns they may have.

Shoot customer testimonial videos

Share success stories from other satisfied customers to provide social proof of your company’s value. Make sure to select stories that are most likely to resonate with your target audience. These can be written case studies or videos, or you could share or highlight posts customers make on their personal channels.

Develop webinars or online workshops

Here again, you can build up credibility as a trusted expert within your industry. Teach something that your consumers will find valuable or interesting. Get them involved in the education you can provide as the authority. By letting them engage with you in real time, they can field questions and get responses to see your knowledge and expertise live. It’s an opportunity to reassure people with doubts and fortify existing advocates by further convincing them.

Behind-the-scenes clips

Many people love it when companies “pull back the curtain” and offer a glimpse into their workers’ daily lives, duties, and achievements. For instance, consider showing how your product is made (without giving away any proprietary information) so your customers can see the people behind the brand. Customers can get to know the people behind your brand and learn more about your company’s values.

Create animated explainers

If you need to break down complex ideas into fun, bite-sized content, consider using the magic of animation. Develop engaging content that will grab your customers’ interest and keep them hooked until the end.
These videos help to provide easily digestible hooks or memorable examples to help customers visualize these complex topics. It gives them something fun to hold on to and share while learning about your brand and what you offer.

Use Audio and Video to Reach Relevant Customers

Of course, even the best marketing materials will only generate an impact if they reach the right people at the right time. With that in mind, make sure you’ve clearly defined your target customers, and then consider how your audio and digital ads will resonate with those customers.
Target persona research is critical here. For instance, if you’re targeting younger audiences, your research may indicate that podcasts will be more effective. However, webinars may be more purposeful in terms of reaching older audiences.
Exploring some of the ideas mentioned above will likely help you uncover ways you can maximize the impact of your social media marketing. Your audience will grow, your credibility will become more firmly established, and you’ll ultimately be able to enjoy increased profitability. Whether you use the services of an experienced media partner or not, invest in well-designed social media marketing for the long-term health of your business.

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