How Radio and Podcasts Work Together to Promote Your Brand

How Radio and Podcasts Work Together to Promote Your Brand

While radio and podcasts both offer audio entertainment on the go, these two channels actually work quite differently. However, when combined, they can help you effectively promote your brand to your audience. At Hubbard, our radio stations WTMX and WDRV host their own podcasts to help marketers and listeners alike experience the benefits of both channels.

Both leverage the influence of on-air personalities, but podcasts tend to serve a niche audience found within the broad reach of radio. Behind the Song by Janda Lane, for example, gives listeners a chance to dive into the lyrical meanings of the songs they may have heard on the station earlier in the day. As podcasts build upon radio show content, they tap into existing audiences to maximize listenership and engagement.

You can also maximize your effectiveness in reaching and engaging your target audience by using both podcasts and radio in your marketing program. Use this guide to explore how these two channels work together to build awareness for brands.

Reach Loyal Listeners

With radio-hosted podcasts, on-air personalities serve as the hosts. This is beneficial to marketers, as they attract listeners who are loyal and trust their recommendations. According to the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB), more than half of listeners (56%) state that radio talent is the main reason they tune in, while 80% are willing to try something their favorite radio personality recommended. This trust and loyalty is transferred to podcasts, and as a result, any sponsored ads are most likely to gain traction and influence consumer behavior – increasing your return on investment (ROI).

Increase Frequency

With both radio and podcasts included in your strategy, you can maximize the frequency in which your target audience hears your ads. When you run sponsored ads during radio shows and again during podcasts, the same listeners hear your ads repeatedly throughout a set period of time. Although the “sweet spot” for ad frequency depends on your industry and audience metrics, radio ads and podcast sponsorships can help you achieve optimal exposures. Your media partner can help determine the right amount of frequency needed to become memorable and recognizable to your target customers and create a strategy that fits your plan and budget.

Identify Niche Audiences

Within the broad reach of radio lies the opportunity to engage with niche audiences that have very specific interests. For example, Eric in The Morning with Melissa and Whip offers radio morning show listeners a way to catch some of the best content of the show they may have missed. While engaging with niche content, listeners are often highly interested and fully tuned in to catch all the information shared by the hosts, including your sponsored ads.

Engage Listeners Throughout the Day

Radio and podcast hosts can reach their audiences at various points throughout the day and even remind listeners to tune in to each channel. This is key, as over half of radio listeners (54%) listen to radio only in the car. Conversely, 49% of podcast listening is done at home, 11% is done at work and others listen while riding public transportation and even while working out. Pairing these two channels allows businesses to reach customers and promote their brand throughout the day, keeping them top of mind and inspiring customer action.

Get Started in Promoting Your Brand with Radio and Podcasts

Increasing brand awareness and visibility can be as easy as sponsoring podcasts and placing radio ads that reflect the interests of your target audience. And with radio-hosted podcasts, on-air personalities play a major role in building trust and loyalty to your brand through both channels. You can start reaching your target audience with radio and podcast sponsorships by partnering with the marketing experts at Hubbard. They can assist in helping you create and run effective sponsored ads that promote your brand.

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