Benefits to Placing Multi-Year Media Contracts

Benefits to Placing Multi-Year Media Contracts

Although short-term media contracts can give your company valuable marketing support, they don’t always account for the bigger picture. Multi-year contracts, however, give you an opportunity to build out an effective marketing strategy that offers continuous benefits and long-term growth. Just as important, you can build a lasting relationship with your media partner, who will offer invaluable advice and support every step of the way. Therefore, when you choose to place a multi-year contract, the following benefits are a given.

1. Increased Frequency

With multi-year contracts, you can optimize the frequency in which you run your advertisements. By increasing the number of times people hear or see your ads, you can inspire action and boost engagement. Your media partner can help you identify your optimal frequency, as this can vary based on your industry, business type and scope of service.

Media partners also assist in finding the right balance of marketing channels to support you in reaching your business goals. With an integrated approach, you will able to optimize frequency across all mediums to directly engage with your target audience at various touch points.

2. Guaranteed Results

With short-term media contracts, you rarely achieve the results you seek by the end of the campaign. Success doesn’t happen overnight, and some campaigns – particularly branding campaigns – can take up to six months to deliver desired results.

With multi-year contracts, you are guaranteed to see the expected results. Working with your media partner long-term gives them enough time to demonstrate success and make necessary adjustments to ensure campaigns are effective. As a bonus, you can take information from your past campaign and apply it to the next to optimize your strategy and continue reaching your marketing goals.

3. Preferred Spots

Placing multi-year contracts allows you to plan ahead and secure preferred time slots and dayparts on the radio. By doing this, you can effectively reach and engage your target audience when they are most receptive to your ads. And as you continue to work with your media partner, they can also guide you on the best placement for your ads – based on dayparts, stations and formats – to boost your results.

4. Trusted Media Partner

Long-term contracts open the door for a lasting partnership with a media company you can trust. With the right media partner, you have direct access to the industry’s top talent who have the skills and expertise to build successful campaigns. They can dial in your advertising efforts to reach your ideal customers with relevant ad content in all the right places. They learn about your business and drive your marketing program to ensure you reach your goals with every campaign you run. A great media partnership is well worth the time it takes to build, especially since you can achieve excellent results along the way.

Taking Advantage of Multi-Year Media Contracts

With their incredible benefits, multi-year media contracts have the power to significantly boost the success of your marketing program. The key is to find the right media partner to help you start reaping the rewards. You can begin this search by starting the conversation with Hubbard Chicago. As a leading media partner, we can help you build a marketing strategy that delivers clear results for years to come.

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