How Radio Gives Advertisers POP (Power of Personality)

Radio gives advertisers power of personality

When you hear “POP,” you might think of a music format, but we’re actually referring to the Power of Personality. We touched on this in a previous post, when we first shared the results of a study from Cumulus Media and Vision Critical/MARU. It revealed that radio personalities are intensely important to listeners, many of whom tune in just to hear their favorite show, and most of whom can name their favorite AM/FM DJ, show, or host when asked. These personalities feel like family to their listeners — most believe their routine simply wouldn’t be the same without them — and are easily able to make listeners laugh or think deeply about a subject. They’re trusted thought leaders that listeners will even follow to another station.

This is all great for radio stations and their programming, but what does it really mean for advertisers?

POP Can Be Transferred from Radio Favorites to Advertisers

Fortunately, the trust and loyalty that listeners have for their radio personalities of choice can be shared with advertisers. Ads that run during their programs are seen more favorably by their audience, and their favorite personality’s reviews, recommendations, and endorsements for a particular brand will carry even more weight.

Consider the Impact on the Community

It pays to remember that radio personalities matter beyond the time slot when they can be heard on air. They offer a presence online, continuing conversations through social media, and are present within their community. Hubbard Chicago’s station personalities regularly host and attend events, and support charities and local causes. It’s part of the reason why listeners can relate to them on a deeply personal level.

Leverage Their Appeal to Create Meaningful Audio Creative

Radio personalities can speak directly to listeners in a powerful way, which offers advertisers options beyond traditional advertising. When it makes sense for the brand, live readings and endorsements from personalities sharing genuine experiences can provide an intimate, authentic marketing message.

Use the Trust They’ve Established to Your Advantage

In the aforementioned Vision Critical/MARU study, 51% of respondents said their favorite radio personalities were like close friends and family, while 46% specifically referred to them as opinion leaders that they trust. If radio talent mentions or discusses your brand, you can expect a lift in awareness and recall, while an authentic endorsement can carry this even farther. When radio personalities trust your brand and have a good experience, and audiences hear first hand about that experience, their trust in the talent can extend directly to your brand.

For advertisers, the POP provided by radio talent can bolster the influence and ROI of a strategic marketing campaign. These personalities participate in their communities, earn deep levels of trust, and can transfer the affinity to the brands they connect with. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this kind of POP from Hubbard Chicago station personalities, contact us today.

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