How Restaurants Can Have an Online Presence


How Restaurants Can Have an Online Presence

One of the first things that became evident during the pandemic was how crucial an online presence is for restaurants. Those already managing a healthy web presence could keep customers updated on when they were open, what menu options were available, and how they were keeping their workers and customers safe while providing food for pickup, eat-in, or delivery. The option to order online has been growing and was a critical factor for keeping up with demand with staff shortages, as taking orders by phone is time-consuming and limiting.
Establishing your online presence is necessary if you have a new cafe, bakery, coffee shop, or restaurant. Consumers want to find out what you have to offer, but few people will walk into an unknown establishment without some idea of what to expect. Most will also look for some reviews before deciding to visit. Luckily, there are many resources now that can help you get your beautiful food noticed and attract customers to your establishment.

Customers Find Restaurants Online

What is the first thing you do when you want to try something new? If you don’t know anyone in your immediate area, you likely Google “best restaurants near me.” Perhaps you have a craving for a specific cuisine. You may look for “best Mexican restaurants within 10 miles” and then search for their menus and customer reviews.
Eighty-one percent of people find restaurants through online searches on mobile devices, while 92% find them on desktops. Even when recommended a restaurant, consumers will likely verify that others believe it’s a good place to eat. Word of mouth is excellent, and a great website can help it go further. Digital and search engine ads make your restaurant visible to a wider radius than you could reach otherwise. But don’t forget that once they are aware of your business, they’ll want to know more, so be sure to have an informative and easy-to-navigate site ready.

Quality Websites Indicates Restaurant Quality

Ignoring the importance of a well-designed and maintained website is frustrating for customers. Many want the option to read menus, order online, or make reservations. Others may avoid restaurants whose site consists only of a rudimentary homepage with store hours. A poorly crafted or out-of-date website makes potential customers wonder if you give your food and customer service the same attention.
Creating a responsive, high-quality site helps customers see what to expect when visiting your restaurant. You can give them information that may make them decide that today is the perfect day to try it by posting specials. If you post pictures of your dining rooms, patio areas, and food, they will be more likely to visit because they know to expect a clean restaurant with quality service. When you take the time to give your customers a superior online experience, customers automatically expect the same quality from your restaurant because you show that you care about presentation.

Provide Smoother Service with Online Options

Whether you develop your website or partner with online services, having online options helps your customers by removing barriers to ordering from you and streamlining the process. Providing an online ordering portal or giving them a way to make and manage reservations online is a huge plus for your business. It can make the difference between a potential diner choosing your restaurant over another because of the convenience factor. It is particularly desired and appreciated by business-people whose plans may be more dynamic when planning client dinners.
Online ordering and making reservations are practically a must in our fast-paced world. Diners want the option to order more quickly depending on whether they’re dining in or getting takeout. Providing those online options can also help you manage your ordering, menu planning, and staffing more efficiently. If you plan to scale your business, making it easy for people to become customers while making it easier to serve them are critical factors.

Grow Your Restaurant with Multi-Platform Marketing

All advertising is beneficial when trying to grow your restaurant. However, getting the most out of your marketing dollar means finding the most effective methods. One of the most dynamic combinations that amplify results comes from pairing online marketing with other advertising.
For instance, radio ads can significantly increase the efficacy of your online ads and result in a substantial ROI.
Some impressive statistics:
•95% of Americans age 13 and older enjoy some form of audio daily, whether AM/FM radio or digital audio like streaming music or podcasts

•Adding audio supercharges your ads, increasing sales by up to 83%

•Allocating as little as 1.2% of your ad spend to audio can result in as much as 23% return on ad spend (ROAS)

Highlight Your Digital Presence and Attract More Customers with Audio

Your personal experiences trying to find the dining establishment for you, your family, or your clients should illustrate how vital it is for restaurants to have a high-quality website. Even older, more established, and beloved mom-and-pop establishments have found that they need a way to communicate with their customers more efficiently through a digital presence.
During the pandemic, many restaurants survived by having a robust website that allowed online ordering. Whether you are setting up a new place or are interested in growing or modernizing your business, consider leveraging the expertise of a media partner to manage your online presence or conduct radio ads so that you can continue to focus on running your restaurant.

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