How to Combine Audio and Digital to Drive Traffic to Your Store

A large part of marketing is encouraging action. Whether you want to spur conversation to increase brand awareness, encourage people to come to an event, or boost sales by offering special deals. No matter what action you want your audience to take, it starts with awareness.

You must engage your target customers where and how they spend their time with content that resonates. Digital and audio ads inspire people, whether physical or virtual. Compelling digital and audio content can increase traffic to your store. 

Using Audio and Digital Together

Audio and digital ads are the perfect combination. They work so well together because their mediums reach people at differing times and with specific kinds of focus. Radio is highly effective when listeners are also driving, doing housework, or working. They are essentially a captive audience, eager to be entertained or catch up on the latest news. 

Digital ads, on the other hand, reach people when they are actively browsing. They influence the potential customer at all steps of the consumer journey by design. These ads can make customers aware of your products and services and present the necessary details that set them apart from the competition. Digital ads are particularly impactful when the customer is ready to make a purchasing decision. 

Using audio and digital is an impactful strategy. When a consumer receives the information about your business at different times and in various settings, it reinforces the idea that your brand is one to notice. One of the keys to combining digital and audio ads for maximum effect is maintaining a consistent voice across mediums. It conveys a sense of honesty and authority that inspires trust from consumers.

Audio Describes Benefits

One of the benefits of audio is that you can impart a large amount of information in an easily consumable way. A popular radio or podcast host can often describe what your products are like by sharing their experiences. Personal anecdotes make your brand relatable and within reach of the listener. Quality production can also captivate listeners with music, slogans, or sound effects.

Audio ads can encourage sales or focus on brand awareness depending on your goals at the time. Ads read by influencers on radio or podcasts can magnify the effect. Since audiences trust their favorite radio hosts’ opinions like they do their family and friends, they emphasize what the influencer recommends. 

Digital Draws People In at Crucial Moments

If you want to catch your audience’s attention at a time when they are engaged and motivated, digital ads are the answer. Digital draws people in by presenting ads while they browse online and offers a short path to either visit a website or search online where they can learn more about your products and services.

Digital ads can include images of your products or location to show people what you offer. They offer many convenient benefits to advertisers, as well. Digital ads allow you to track multiple metrics, like the ability to measure audience engagement and make adjustments quickly. Another advantage of digital is that you can easily adjust ad frequency, such as when you expect incoming inventory. 

Combine Your Strategy to Bring People to Your Store

Like the winning moves in a prize match, combining audio and digital into your strategy is the critical one-two punch. Each becomes more potent when combined. Each reaches your potential customer in different but complementary ways. 

Audio helps to establish brand awareness and credibility, which increases recognizability. When people see your online ads or a physical presence, they’re more likely to visit because they can trust you due to your ads. While they may have driven past your storefront before without stopping, they now know more and want to see for themselves. Potential customers also learn that you have something that holds their interest from your radio ads. 

Digital ads work in other vital ways. They present visual cues to prompt action, whether enticing the customer to visit an inviting storefront, showcasing how to wear or use your products to encourage them to visualize themselves with the items, or presenting customer testimonials to inspire trust. Digital ads also create a convenient pathway to your online store. You can include your location in digital and audio ads to encourage people to visit. 

Radio and audio ads also increase other marketing’s effectiveness by massively significant amounts. Allocating approximately 2% of your budget to audio ads brings a 23% jump in return-on-ad-spend. Combining these strategies increases your reach and frequency, and it makes your ads more memorable. Mobile ads increased awareness by 261% and an 81% increase with digital ads when reaching people exposed to your radio ads. Audio plays very well with others in your marketing mix, bringing in massive returns with even small investments.

Drive Foot Traffic to Your Storefront and Virtual Traffic to Your Online Store

Using a strategy that includes both digital and audio is how you reach the broadest audience. Even though most people listen to the radio, some are more visual. You want to know you are influencing each potential customer in a way that is the most impactful for them. Like any winning strategy, knowing how, when, and where to reach your target audience for maximum influence is vital. No matter how great your message is, how frequently you relay them makes the difference. 

Every business can take advantage of this strategy without the time and expense of repeated trial and error. Choosing the right media partner can help you find success with these platforms. It may involve finding the right influencer, an optimal balance of digital and audio, the best production, or the most effective platform for reaching your target audience. An experienced and well-respected media partner is a money-wise investment.

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