How to Find Local Radio Influencers

How to Find Local Radio Influencers

Last year, 65% of companies increased their influencer marketing budgets, illustrating that influencer marketing is continuing to evolve and grow. Though you may automatically think of social media, influencers are a powerful force on other platforms, as well. Radio personalities were the original influencers, long before the advent of social media. They are still highly effective for both major and emerging brands as part of their overall marketing strategy.

So, how can your brand benefit from a radio influencer? With a little research, you can join the ranks of national names like Dunkin’ Donuts, T-Mobile, Celebrity Cruises, and many more who rely on influencers to increase their brand awareness. Keep reading for several tips to help you can find the right radio influencer for your brand. 

Understanding Who Local Radio Influencers Are

Local radio influencers are on-air personalities based in the same location as your target audience. Aside from their impressive on-air reach, local radio influencers also have a loyal social media following. The same influencer can promote your brand both on the radio and social media, discussing products in-depth and demonstrating their knowledge and appreciation of them. They engage their audience in a dialogue that firmly establishes the brand as something memorable. 

Local radio influencers are often more successful than celebrity endorsements, as the listeners feel they have a personal connection with the radio personality. They have a unique understanding of their audience, creating a connection and enhancing their reach through personal anecdotes and storytelling. Radio influencers are trusted by their audience, who responds to their endorsements like a suggestion from a friend or family member. Celebrity engagement rates are traditionally much lower than influencers. 

Choose A Radio Personality Who Can Reach Your Audience

Radio has a broad reach and offers something for everyone. It accommodates many tastes and preferences. You may love one genre or host while the next person may prefer another. Narrow the focus to who the target audience listens to, not who marketers listen to, otherwise they likely won’t hear your ad. 

So, how do you know who your target audience prefers? An easy way to narrow down your choices is with Hubbard Chicago. If your brand’s ideal demographic is adult women between the ages of 25-54, 101.9 The Mix might be your perfect station. With Chicago’s top morning shows, Eric in the Morning, The Mix boasts an audience of 1,292,000 total listeners and their monthly streaming averages 787,770 with 289,879 social media followers. Meanwhile, Sherman & Tingle on 97.1 The Drive boasts an audience of 1,297,000 total listeners, monthly streaming averages of 533,396, and 49,231 social media followers. Those audiences engage with the shows and are likely to follow the recommendations of their favorite radio influencers.

Pick A Radio Host In The Area You’re Looking For

A vital detail in your search for the ideal radio host for your brand is the area of their show’s reach. Local hosts are a great way to spur small groups into action. Their shows increase foot traffic to brick and mortar stores and create a following of people passionate about supporting local businesses. National hosts like Delilah, Ryan Seacrest, and others help bring awareness on a much larger scale, ideal for companies with online stores capable of shipping across the country or those with multiple locations.  

Both local and national hosts have essential roles. Your local influencer often has a personal relationship with their audiences through community events and station remotes. They increase engagement because they share their listeners’ experiences, often frequenting the same neighborhoods and businesses. National influencers appeal to people all over the country, potentially introducing your brand to an entirely new audience and propelling it to new levels of success. 

Find Out Who Your Target Demographic Listens To

Finding out who your radio influencer appeals to is more than genre and location. To gain the most from your influencer marketing, you need to drill down on who is tuning into the shows you’re considering. You could do this by analyzing listener data. Another approach is to ask the influencers for input. 

As we discussed earlier, a business trying to reach the Chicago market can choose from some great radio personalities. However, if your target audience is predominately teens between the ages of 12-18, you’ll likely need a different influencer than one that reaches adults from 35-54. Today’s teens are socially conscious and tech-savvy. To reach a younger audience, you’ll want endorsements from a radio influencer with a strong social media presence and, ideally, is active in charitable causes and organizations. 

With a Little Research, You Can Find Your Ideal Radio Station and Influencer

Radio has tremendous reach and a historical legacy. The concept of influencers originated from radio decades before social media was even imagined and remains one of the most impactful channels for reaching a broad audience. It also provides the ability to target your marketing to your ideal customers. More than 70% of U.S. marketers used influencers in 2017, and 95% found it effective.

Reaching your target audience with a radio influencer is a highly effective component of your marketing strategy. Choosing the right influencer doesn’t have to be difficult. However, it is essential to keep your ideal customer in mind when doing so. Think of the area where they live, what their interests are, and who they listen to. Once you have an idea of the station that reaches those audiences, you can reach out to them to connect with your preferred influencer. 

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