How to Tap Into Chicago Centric Marketing

How to Tap Into Chicago Centric Marketing

The buying power of the Chicago populace is still strong, despite trying times. Even though America continues to weather COVID-19 and other economic strife, Chicago remains a vibrant metropolis.

If skeptical about how Chicago is doing in the way of spending, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the populace spent $63,726 per year up through 2018. This comes from Chicago having a median age of 33.9 years old, a very desirable demographic.

In other words, it’s more than worth spending ad dollars for advertising on radio to capture a still young group of consumers.

Why Are Chicago Consumers Important?

Many companies have successfully tapped into the Chicago consumer market. Most Chicago consumers are willing to try a new product if it helps fulfill something not typically seen.

In a big city like Chicago, it may seem like every kind of business opportunity is already up and running, leaving little room for competition. No one should assume this, especially when proper marketing techniques in radio advertising help sell anything.

Besides, with the 18-34 demographic still being so coveted, knowing a strong majority of Chicagoans are 33 hits a perfect demographic target.

How Do You Find Chicago Consumers?

Targeting is more important than ever in reaching consumers. Creating buyer personas is a great way to identify potential customers. As HootSuite notes, you should never target everyone, since only a particular group of consumers turn into true loyal buyers.

Start all research for buyer personas by looking at past consumer purchases. What more can you glean from that data other than ages? Do your customers fall into a certain income bracket? Did they show more interest in one product offering over another?

A better way to break this down is to create a basic template:

    • Age
    • Location (and time zone)
    • Language
    • Spending power and patterns
    • Interests
    • Challenges
    • Stages of Life

A good example of a small Chicago business finding its best consumer niche is Clearcover, an affordable car insurance company that uses advanced tech and eliminates all wasteful spending. Thanks to being more transparent with their customers, they managed to become a leader in their market.

What Do Chicago Consumers Really Love?

Aligning your business with what Chicago consumers really go for is another proven targeted marketing angle. A good way to get started is to research what customers in Chicago typically align with.

Some of the most iconic products seen in Chicago have expanded to become national favorites. Any longtime Chicago resident will know Twinkies were essentially born in the Windy City. The same goes for the iconic Wrigley’s Gum company.

So many other popular food products began in Chicago as well, including Cracker Jacks, gyros, and Sara Lee desserts. All of these continue to shape the zeitgeist of how Chicago markets certain products on a customer-centric level.

In the realm of sports and events, Chicago consumers typically fan-out for basketball and baseball, even though they are one of the top cities for every kind of professional sport. In Chicago, sports are kind of a big deal, and, many events are centered around them.

This is valuable knowledge when it comes to getting the word out about your product, particularly when radio promotes sports events in the local area. For example, an early-stage alternative investment venture capital firm (LOUD Capital) linked up with the Chicago Bulls during the 2019-20 season as a way to help startup entrepreneurs.

How Do You Reach Chicago Consumers?

Radio is still a very viable media platform to advertise and reach potentially millions of consumers ready to spend money. Statistics still show radio ad spend growing to half a billion dollars through 2023.

In Chicago, many local radio stations continue to prosper as a source of advertising. Hubbard Chicago operates WTMX, 101.9 (The Mix), WDRV and WSHE which are leading radio stations in the city, going back years. They continue being a major media hub for Chicago culture with a devoted audience.

By far, those who reside in Chicago continue to find radio a major source of news and entertainment, particularly because of how easy it is to access with limited technology. Thanks to public Wi-Fi being easy to use on phones and tablets, these radio stations are more easily accessible than ever.

When searching for a demographic to reach, finding the right radio station is everything. Doing so is a little easier when so much radio is talk-based, potentially lining up with a myriad of products.


Yes, Chicago consumers are still willing to buy, no matter if quarantined from COVID-19 or through other challenging times. To reach them, it takes smart targeting. Consider making your marketing effort a truly local endeavor based on what Chicago consumers enjoy.

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