How Local Influencers Increase Sales During Trying Times

How Local Influencers Increase Sales During Trying Times

The global pandemic has put many brick and mortar businesses in a difficult position. Foot traffic has been on a downward trend for several months and nearly stopped entirely at the end of March. According to one investment firm, retail mall foot traffic was down almost 98% compared to the same time last year.

Even though individual states’ restrictions have been lifted, many retail establishments are still having trouble drawing in customers. One way to manage this is to attract customers who are already interested in the store’s services or merchandise. Usually, marketing campaigns, such as discounts, promotions, and coupons, are effective.

However, with so many brick and mortar businesses using the same strategy, it’s hard to keep up with your competition. You need to influence your potential customers to visit your store no matter what. To accomplish this, you need local influencers to use their power of personality.

What is “POP”?

Power of personality, or “POP,” is a unique element that local influencers bring to your business’s marketing strategy. Many people develop deep feelings and respect for these influencers, even if they’ve never met. They may download an app or tune in to a radio station to hear this influencer’s news and opinions.

Using POP can help your business grow exponentially. If an influencer speaks highly of your product or service, their audience is more likely to visit your store. They will take the influencer’s recommendation to heart the same way they would from a trusted friend or family member.

Using Local Radio Influencers with POP

While you can find influencers on virtually any social media platform, we recommend finding a POP radio personality. These personalities are more effective for several reasons:

Emotional Connection to Listeners

Local radio influencers already have an established connection with their audience. In some cases, listeners are more interested in a radio host than the station’s actual music. 52% of listeners say that they will listen to a radio station specifically to hear a particular radio personality.

It’s also incredibly easy for radio DJs and talk show hosts to form connections with new listeners. Hearing their voice over the speakers feels like being in the same room with a good friend. The radio personality becomes an essential part of the listener’s routine, encouraging them to come back each day. If a local radio personality is involved in your marketing campaign, you can expect steady growth for your business.

Valued Thoughts and Opinions

Some people use radio talk shows mainly as background noise while doing other tasks. However, research shows that many listeners are actually interested in what the radio show host has to say. Surveys indicate that over half of a station’s audience may consider these influencers as part of their own family.

Forty-six percent of listeners also said they highly valued the radio personality’s opinions and advice. Trusted reviews are a significant factor when it comes to purchasing decisions. Eighty-four percent of people said that they valued customer reviews just as much as word of mouth from friends. Since many people regard a radio personality as a personal acquaintance, the influencer’s opinions will likely be trusted unconditionally.

Better ROI for Brick and Mortar Businesses

The ideal radio influencer should have a lot of listeners that live near your store. If most of your customers live in Chicago, look for a Chicago-based radio personality. You can also use surveys to determine your current customers’ favorite local radio stations.

It may be tempting to invest in a national social media influencer with millions of followers. However, there’s no guarantee that your local customers will engage with this influencer. While your sales may increase somewhat, a local influencer will increase foot traffic more effectively.

If you choose a radio personality to help your marketing campaign, you already know that they have a loyal local audience. If even half of these listeners heed the influencer’s recommendations to visit your store, you can expect a high ROI.

POP Keeps Us All Connected

Humans are social creatures with a natural desire to feel connected. However, many people are struggling to adjust to social distancing. We can use social media to stay in touch, but it’s challenging to strengthen relationships without face-to-face contact.

Additionally, these uncertain times make it hard for people to focus on existing friendships. Still, most people can listen to local radio without too much effort, which is why POP is so effective. A charming, welcoming voice from their local community is even more effective than it would be in times before the pandemic. Bringing people together with POP helps bolster your business as well as the spirits of your local community.


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