How to Tap into Chicago-Centric Marketing

Chicago’s consumers are a blend of cosmopolitan east coast influence and the more laid back resonance of the west coast.  It is smack dab in the middle and has a vast, multi-cultural population. They have knowledge, maturity, and money to spend.  So what is the best way to make yourself stand out?

Our approach at Hubbard Chicago is omni-channel marketing.  But just having the right channels, without the right mix of services may be self-defeating.  We use a combination of integrated marketing to optimize your marketing dollar and increase your ROI.

Radio Marketing

Radio advertising works!  With no other medium do you get as much bang for your buck.  And in addition to these reasons to explore radio, consider this:

  • Sound is more effectively stored in your memory than the printed word.  So if you hear some advertising, you are much more likely to recall it than if you saw an ad in the paper.
  • Your audience is more captive.  You are in your car, at the gym, getting your hair cut, and what do you hear?  The radio. And unlike television, most radio listeners are loyal to one or two stations, so they don’t flip channels very frequently.
  • And of course, it is easier and less expensive to market on radio than television and normally lead times are shorter as well.
  • Radio marketing can have geographic targets (people in or around Chicago) or demographic targets.

Digital Marketing

No matter what your target is, you are going to find that your consumer is online.  In fact, worldwide, it is projected by 2021, that there will be over 3.1 billion users on social media outlets alone.  But in order to make digital marketing work for you instead of you working for it, you need an expert marketer who knows how to:

  • boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • target and retarget your customers
  • creatively advertise your brand
  • get involved in local and online events
  • build online relationships

If you are not currently active online, you can bet your competition is.  So in order to play catch up, you are going to need some help. Work with someone who is familiar with social media, branding, and your locale.  We have that expert staff here at Hubbard Chicago to help.

But the total omni-channel marketing is not complete without the third layer of this triad.  Event marketing is essential, because it is important for Chicagoans to know that you are invested in the community where they live.

Event Marketing

  • Cause marketing shows your target audience that you are passionate and supportive of the same causes that they are.
  • Events give you a chance to project a local presence to your customer, since they will be more likely to invest in a local company that they know.
  • Events are a cost effective way to roll out new products and promote brand recognition.
  • Events are a way to get immediate feedback.

In order to effectively and efficiently market your brand to Chicagoans, you need a business that can help you identify your marketing needs.  We can combine the three marketing arms to give you an omni-channel marketing plan to best serve you and optimize your marketing dollar. Contact us so that we can get started!

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