Summer Advertising Tips – Reaching People on the Go

When temperatures are warm, many consumers look forward to vacations, enjoying their favorite summer getaways, or attending events around Chicago. That presents challenges and opportunities for marketers attempting to stay connected to their customers amidst their seasonal habits. But even if habits change, many options are available for advertisers to reach this group.
Wherever these travelers may go, whatever the circumstances involved, sizzling summer hot spots offer tremendous opportunities for marketers to reach their audiences. Whether it’s a product or service, when consumers are on the go, connecting with them is easily adaptable to fit any time of the year.

Making More Mobile-Friendly Marketing Methods

Away from offices, traditional environments, or even telecommuting, more people rely on their smartphones and other mobile devices than desktop computers. That is an excellent opportunity for advertising to utilize mobile-friendly marketing methods, including some of these popular methods:
SMS (aka Short Message Service) – these little media bursts reach consumers almost anywhere, especially when they’re regularly using their mobile devices
Social Media Marketing – This is an easy way to create personal connections with customers through comments and messages, which are more common while vacationing or spending more time at local events
Location-Based Marketing (or GPS) – Once again, with more consumers out and about, no matter how far they travel, their mobile connection will be by their side
Many people travel locally, taking day trips or long drives, where they also listen to music and other programs on the radio or streaming platforms. Radio advertising is a viable and successful solution for marketers that presents opportunities to reach people when they’re focused, like while driving or in larger groups at events. 

Sponsoring Summer Events

When it comes to fun in the sun, nothing beats sponsoring a smashing summer event as a fantastic place for advertising. Think of it this way, while everyone is having a blast at these get-togethers, your sponsorship will shine through as a promoter who helped the event happen. It gives your brand high-visibility opportunities to interact with customers and get your brand known.
You can pass out branded merchandise at no cost to increase brand awareness and give them a small souvenir from this memorable event. You can also host contests or hold a game to get people to have fun and interact with your company. 

Staying Active on Social Media

No matter what time of year, companies should always maintain a steady, consistent, and persistent presence on social media platforms for various reasons. These outlets are virtual hotspots where consumers share their exploits on the internet. Therefore, they are on these platforms ready to receive marketing messages and advertising on these popular channels. 

Be sure you’re using the right platform to connect with your preferred demographics. Platforms like Facebook are better at connecting with older users, while Instagram reaches a younger audience, and TikTok reaches the youngest. Images connect better with users using audio with ads, as they boost engagement, grab attention, and have high recall and memorability.

Pushing Audio Platforms and Podcasts

Like listening to the radio on the road, many travelers listen to audio platforms and podcasts for entertainment. Ads during these presentations aren’t necessarily tied to a specific location, so they’re a bonus to mobile messaging. They also tend to not be time-sensitive topics, so advertisements on these broadcasts offer a longer shelf when compared to many alternatives.
In addition, audio options allow advertisers to reach audiences at critical moments during their journeys. For example, podcasts release at certain times, like weekday mornings which could tie into people’s routines during breakfast or the start of their work days. It also means employers could request their staff tune into a specific broadcast, increasing the number of listeners.
Choose to advertise podcasts or platforms that overlap with your audience to cement a solid and successful relationship with listeners given any particular topic.

Tailoring to the Season

Summer is a great time to release new product lines, make associations with certain seasonal products, and offer special services. With better weather during warmer months, this is the time when both businesses and consumers can conduct tasks that are unavailable during other seasons. There are many obvious industries to consider, whether minor outdoor landscape offerings or major renovation projects. People may take time off from work to stay home and tackle these projects. 

If possible, remember to mention, remind, and include that in addition to seasonal-related trends, your business is there year-round to serve its customers.

Connecting With Influencers

The term “influencers” encompasses a wide range of online entertainers (for lack of a better title) with a large following of consumers. These potential customers are prone to make purchases through these online celebrities. From make-up tips using certain products to mechanics offering auto advice that include parts from a certain provider, these connections are like advertising gold for marketers.
After partnering with influencers, developing a deeper connection or relationship with their followers may take some time, so don’t give up easily or too quickly. Growing your business and brand using influencers with overlapping marketplaces is hot with summer events, popular travel bloggers, food reviewers, and other summer-related trends.

Make the Most of Summer

Summer is a time of activity and fun, where people spend the money they saved throughout the year. It presents an opportunity for consumers to enjoy themselves while businesses can grow their brands accordingly through increased advertising or events to develop that base. More activity allows businesses to increase their revenue while reaching customers in more places.

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