The Drive’s Birthday Bash is Coming Soon (3 Reasons Chicago Advertisers Should Join the Party)


Chicago listeners love The Drive (97.1 FM WDRV) — and the love is not limited to the music. Each year, the Drive’s Birthday Bash brings listeners together to party with their favorite radio personalities, enjoy popular musical acts, and sample food and drinks from local businesses. Past entertainment has included chart-topping artists like Styx, REO Speedwagon, and Don Felder. This year, the event headliners include two iconic acts that have spanned more than four decades and are still going strong — The Steve Miller Band and Peter Frampton.

The energy and excitement of The Drive’s Birthday Bash draws hundreds of fans each year, generating great memories and lots of social media chatter. It’s a night to remember — and more importantly, a chance for Chicago advertisers to connect with prospects and customers through customized sponsorships.

3 Reasons Chicago Advertisers Should Join the Party

Businesses can participate in The Drive’s 17th Birthday Bash as title sponsors, ticket distribution sponsors, VIP experience sponsors, and other ways. No matter how you get involved, you can expect three things:

1. Brand awareness.

As a sponsor, your business will be included in The Drive’s marketing for the event, from radio advertising to social media, targeted display ads, and online event listings. Depending on your level of partnership, marketing can include database outreach to listeners’ and community members’ inboxes. In addition, you may even have your company’s name mentioned on-stage, further extending your reach.

2. Alignment with a positive event.

Sponsorship of events creates both positive and memorable experiences for participants. It’s an opportunity to tap into the energy and excitement and associate your brand with an unforgettable event. Attendees walk away with memories — and will associate your brand as a big part of that.

3. A chance to build relationships.

Becoming a sponsor provides unique chance to connect and engage with fans — leading up to, during, and after the Birthday Bash is over. The anticipation leading up to the show is the perfect time to connect with customers on social media. Let your followers know you will be there, and encourage them to engage after the event, as well.

Event marketing is a proven way to engage with customers and tap into the excitement of live festivities. It also provides a unique way for brands to not only increase awareness, but share memorable moments, put a human face on your brand, and be associated with a fun time.  

Event sponsorship is a powerful way to connect with customers and show your support for the community. This is just one of many exciting opportunities to partner with Hubbard Chicago’s family of radio stations through event sponsorship. Contact us to learn more.

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