What The 2018 Bacon Bash Can Teach Us About Event Sponsorships

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There are plenty of live events in Chicago, and the majority of them are available to sponsor in some way, shape, or form. From farmers markets to concerts, beer festivals to marathons, there seems to be some kind of event for every type of audience or consumer. How then, as an advertiser, does one decide which event to partner with? If event sponsorships are part of your marketing strategy, then use this list below to help you determine whether events are a good fit for your goals.

To start, here’s a little background on the 2018 Bacon Bash for context, and a recap video:

  • It is hosted by Chicago’s heritage classic rock station, 97.1 FM The Drive.
  • It took place on Saturday, February 3rd, 2018 from 12pm to 4pm.
  • The event consisted of food demonstrations and samples (with bacon of course!), plus live music, a photo booth, and more.

When it comes to key areas to look at when sponsoring an event, we’re going to use The Bacon Bash as an example to dive into each one individually.

Popularity / Passion for the Cause

What you’re looking for: Is this event one that gets people excited? Are they passionate about the cause? Whether it’s a charity event or a concert, the general theme and focus of the event should be something that motivates and excites people.

For example: The Bacon Bash is a great example of an event that people LOVE. Because people love bacon! It’s a fun, light-hearted reason to gather and enjoy a Saturday afternoon. A key way to determine if an event is something that people are passionate about is how fast tickets sell out. This year’s Bacon Bash sold out of V.I.P.I.G. tickets prior to the event, and the event as a whole brought together over 700 people to enjoy bacon and a good time.  

Value to the Attendee

What you’re looking for: If you’re sponsoring an event, you want to be sure that the event is actually going to be a success and good experience for those attending. This is why working with companies that have a history of putting on large-scale, successful events is key (like Hubbard Chicago for instance, among many others in this region). First time event producers could be risky. A big part of the value behind an event is what will the attendees get and is it worth their time and money. Do people come back year after year?

For example: Not only was the 2018 Bacon Bash the second year that it was produced, having a proven track record and many repeat attendees, but it was put on by a well-known and reputable radio station. In addition to that, the actual ticket (priced at $50) got attendees a lot of bang for their buck with samplings of every dish from every restaurant that participated, as well as live music, games, photo booth, face painting, and more.

Promotional Support

What you’re looking for: This is where you need to look beyond just the day of the event, and actually explore the promotion and marketing going into the event. Will it be properly advertised and promoted? Can your sponsorship include participation or mentions in some of these promotional elements for further exposure?

For example: One of the most common reasons our partners value sponsoring events with Hubbard Chicago, like The Bacon Bash, is because they are promotionally supported in a variety of ways that other organizations and event production companies just can’t. We have access to radio advertising and radio station websites, along with a robust database of listeners across the market. You can count on events like this to be properly promoted and have ample opportunities to sponsor beyond the booth.

You can also learn more about our different event marketing opportunities here.


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