Tips to Increase Recruitment by Sharing Your Culture on Social Media

There is a shift occurring between employees and employers. Working adults no longer feel they have to put up with toxic work culture, insensitive management, and unfulfilling work. Many would instead rely on savings than take a job that does not fit their desired lifestyle. It is no longer an employer-driven workforce.

This paradigm shift means companies must adjust the messaging in their recruitment ads to attract workers, and social media is a perfect platform for connecting with prospective employees. When you make your company culture a feature of your social media marketing, you not only have a chance to portray daily life at your workplace, but your employees can engage and comment to add credibility. When current and past employees talk about their positive experiences, it shows that your company exemplifies your values and doesn’t just use them for recruiting. In short, it makes your business more appealing to workers.

The Benefit of Sharing Your Culture

Have you worked hard to make your workplace an environment for growing top talent? Do you have minimal turnover? To keep that momentum, you must continue to attract and recruit people who want to be a part of your vision. You have to let the market know what you have to offer.

Show You Invest in Your Staff

A positive workplace culture improves employees’ relationships with their jobs and each other. Instead of thinking of work as something they have to do, it gives them purpose and makes them excited to have something to contribute. That enthusiasm is contagious and permeates throughout your organization. A carefully tended workplace culture can do more for recruitment and retention than financial benefits alone.

While employees will put in more effort for a great manager, they derive meaning and satisfaction from their efforts when they love their company. Employees who emotionally invest in what they do increase productivity. A great culture is a win-win proposition. Sharing your culture on social media shows you care about the people who work to make your company successful and attracts like-minded individuals who want to be a part of it.

People Want to Work for Quality Companies

Workers, mainly Gen Z and younger Millennials, want to work on their terms, not those their parents had to accept. They saw how their parents and even older siblings struggled to balance work, family, and personal time and they demanded something better for their lives. This group of employees is eager to be part of something that aligns with their personal values. Today’s workforce prioritizes meaning and purpose in their jobs and a life outside of work.

Workers also expect to receive the same respect from leadership as they give. Younger generations believe in commanding respect and standing by their value. They know they have something to offer and view it as a partnership in which they have a vested interest. To attract this generation of employees who take pride in ownership of their work, you must cultivate a culture that drives who you recruit and how long you can retain them.

How to Demonstrate Culture on Social Media

Employees want to work for companies that have and, more importantly, live by great values. Reach these prospective employees by telling your story. Create posts that talk about your mission, values, and how you put them into practice each day in your business. Highlight employees who exemplify your culture or have employees contribute their experiences with your company.

When possible, include employee testimony about the company being respectful or doing the right thing, even when it’s hard. Having the people who work for you explain what they’ve witnessed gives you more credibility than an ad from the company’s perspective. This type of social media post pairs well with recruitment ads on digital or audio platforms and offers a clear path to employee candidates who want to engage with your company or apply for a position.

Go Social – Let Your Workplace Culture Speak for You

Company culture is what makes or breaks team cohesion. When you have fragmented teams, you have frustrated workers. Your recruiting efforts aren’t just about engaging your prospective employee initially but must extend to how you retain the top talent once you’ve hired them. Healthy and positive company cultures hold your team together, making your existing staff more productive and keeping your new staff interested for longer.

Cultivating a company culture of mutual respect, encouraging the free exchange of unique perspectives and ideas, and giving employees credit for their contributions to the company’s success is rare and something to be proud of accomplishing. It is precisely that culture that employees seek today. Look to social media to help you tell your culture success story and attract new talent. 

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