Using Social Media and Content to Improve Customer Engagement

Engage Customers With Social Media and Content Marketing

Engaging with your customers — and keeping them engaged — is an essential element of a good business strategy. It’s important to constantly look for ways to improve customer engagement and thus increase customer retention and satisfaction. One of the best ways to do so is to develop a combined social media and content strategy that will provide real value to your users while keeping your brand top of mind.
In this post, we’ll share tips on setting up your social media and content marketing strategies to drive real customer engagement.

Creating a Combined Social Media and Content Strategy

Providing value to consumers lies at the core of any effective content strategy. By providing legitimate value to your audience, you’ll build trust among them, position your brand as an industry expert, and increase engagement. 
You can make your content even more effective by using your social media accounts to deliver it. These two elements (content and social media) work together to disperse value quantity and quality throughout your target demographic. And the more value you can share, the more you’ll generate brand awareness — and the more customers you’ll bring into the fold.  

Tips for Developing Quality Content

It’s essential to produce high-quality content for your audience, whether you’re developing a blog, a podcast, or a video.
Here are some key tips to keep in mind:

Create for Your Audience

It’s important to develop content that fills specific needs or addresses particular interests that your core audience has. Always make sure you’re creating with that audience in mind.

Share Helpful Tips and Advice

Don’t withhold information that will be of benefit to your audience. Instead, give them helpful tips and guidance to increase their trust in your brand.

Design for the Platform Your Audience Uses

The odds are that most of your consumers are more comfortable with some platforms than others. Think about which platforms your audience is most likely to use. If different subsets of your audience use different platforms, segment them accordingly. You want to ensure your content suits your target platforms (e.g., long-form content for LinkedIn vs. short videos for TikTok).

Optimize for Relevant Keywords

If you want your content to increase customer engagement, customers must first find it. That is where keywords come into the picture. Make sure you include relevant keywords for each piece of content that will help search engines like Google accurately index it and match it to user queries. 

Consistently Create New Content

It can be frustrating for consumers to receive valuable, entertaining content from a brand only to wait weeks (or even months) for more content to come. If you stick to a consistent, predictable content creation schedule, you’ll keep your audience coming back for more and build those bonds of trust with your customers.

Analyze And Adapt Your Strategy

Continue to keep track of your content’s performance, and don’t hesitate to make any needed adjustments to see better results.

Leveraging Social for Increased Promotion

While improving SEO rankings is one of the critical goals of most content strategies, social media can help you gain traction quicker (and ahead of Google’s trackers). Nowadays, SEO benefits from mixed media promotion, where websites with high visits ahead of them ranking will be viewed more favorably. Sharing on social media also allows you to directly engage with your audience via likes, shares, and comments, which coincide with directing them to your official website for more information. Getting early attention quickly demonstrates your content’s quality.
Keep in mind that you may not need to develop an entirely new strategy for your content on social media from your content on your website. For instance, you can often repurpose content you’ve already created with minimal editing and then upload it to the social network of your choice. An excellent example of this would be a snippet from a podcast episode that will resonate with your followers.

Social Media and Content Can Win Together

Combining social media savvy and valuable content can result in a massive win for your business. You’ll attract prospects, increase brand awareness, and multiply the force of your content across several platforms. 
Granted, this is easier said than done. You may want to enlist the aid of an experienced media partner for best results. Regardless, using social media and content in tandem will put you in a prime position to improve customer engagement and increase sales.

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