How to Use Analytics Data to Shape the Direction of Your Ads

Digital marketing has never been more competitive. Every day, consumers get bombarded with thousands of marketing messages, from the jingles they hear on their morning commutes to the ads they are served while scrolling social media. Making an impression on your audience requires brands to think differently about how to reach them, such as by providing personalized messaging that’s relevant and useful. Shaping ads based on customer interest helps you form better connections with customers – and earn more sales. Analytics data provides the crucial insight to personalize ads to establish a strong brand presence and grow revenue.
In this post, we’ll discuss the power of analytics and how you can apply it to your ad strategy to reach the right customers.

Segment Your Customer Lists

Customer segmentation involves creating specific groups based on certain shared characteristics, making it easier to tailor your marketing messages and sales efforts around your core customers. Segmenting audience groups also helps build customer loyalty, as each segment will receive ads that speak directly to their needs. You can create segments based on needs, behavior, geographic location, and preferred technology, so you know you’re targeting customers who are most likely to see and be interested in your ads.

Provide Personalized Messaging

Once you have defined segments, you can create personalized campaigns based on perceived interest so you can know what the most prevalent interests you can cater to. That allows you to develop multiple ads addressing different pain points, which you can direct toward the relevant groups. You can record different messaging in digital audio, using the same base ad with different examples listed, or shape digital ads that point to products they’re more likely to appreciate.
When combining it with analytics or CRM data, you can address customers more directly by sending ads regarding products they’d been looking at or including their names in email subject lines.

Identify Customer Behavior Trends

Consumer behavior changes regularly, so it’s crucial to constantly evaluate and adjust your messaging based on your analytics data. By checking in with yearly behavior patterns, you can adjust your ad campaigns and reach customers where they are in their lives. Pay attention to how your segments change and try to meet your customers’ changing needs so you can build stronger brand loyalty.

Compare Ad Messaging

A/B testing allows you to see what ads perform best over time and is a simple way to capture analytics data, improve the content you share with customer segments, and increase engagement. You can conduct testing by sending out multiple versions of ads, such as by sending out different email subject lines or SMS snippets simultaneously. You can tell which content your segments interact with most, then use that to shape further ads.

One way to compare your ad messaging through A/B testing includes changing the call to action. For example, inviting some readers to “download now” and asking others to “download this free guide” might yield dramatically different results and allow you to focus on the winning CTA in your future marketing efforts.

Track Ongoing Performance

Once you find out what works, it’s essential to evaluate the performance of these campaigns on an ongoing basis. As noted, consumer buying habits change constantly, and by regularly checking in with the data, you’ll be able to see what you could change and continue doing. That is vital with digital and audio ads since customers might change their buying behaviors and even shift demographics.

There are a lot of individual metrics to track, depending on the marketing channels you utilize. A few could include social media, website, and email marketing metrics. Ultimately, you’ll also want to track overall growth in customers and revenue. If you are doing all the right things but aren’t experiencing the growth you need to meet your business goals, it’s time to re-evaluate your marketing strategy.

Build Your Custom Marketing Strategy Today

There are many ways to grow your business and establish a strong brand. By creating a custom marketing strategy, regularly tracking the analytics, implementing changes, and combining audio and digital ads, you’ll be poised to establish yourself as an expert and produce the best results. We can help you create strong brand awareness that guides your customers through their consumer journeys with confidence. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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