What a Partnership with Hubbard Chicago Looks Like

What a Partnership with Hubbard Chicago Looks Like

Do you need help with your advertising and media presence? Successful advertising in Chicago requires finding the right partner, somebody who understands exactly how various channels can help you grow your business.

Hubbard Chicago is one such partner. 

So, how can we help you grow your brand and succeed? 

Here are some of the major advantages of partnering with Hubbard Chicago.

Reach Over Two Million Radio Listeners

Radio’s reach is greater than ever as people listen to it through digital avenues such as satellite radio and smart speakers. Local radio offers something other audio services do not, and that is on the air talent that can connect to your listeners, and reach your customers all day, wherever they are.

Our radio stations reach 40% of households in the Chicago metro area with an income of at least $100k. 101.9 THE MIX, in fact, has a listener base of which 46% have this level of income, from a market average of 33%. Forty-seven percent have at least one child under 18, and 73% have some college education. These are the people you want to hear about your product. 

We also offer WDRV, a classic rock station with appeal to generations of fans and SHE 100.3, which has Chicago’s fastest-growing morning show. Our stations cover a wide variety of demographics, and we can help you by placing your ad with the perfect station for your product or service. All of these stations have total audiences of over a million, individually, including large streaming audiences that can potentially increase your geographic reach.

Work With Experienced Marketing Specialists

We aren’t just an advertising vendor. We are a media partner, with years of accumulated experience. We can guide you to the right marketing and channels for your specific circumstances. Your marketing specialist will become your new partner on your journey to grow your business, helping you bring together our experience and data with your skills and knowledge of the pain points your product solves.

Do you attract a younger audience that responds more to influencers? Is video the right way to go? We can use our experience and reams of data to help you make these calls based on our experiences and those of our existing clients. We know exactly what your brand needs to succeed.

Get Endorsements From Popular Radio Personalities

Local radio offers amazing on the air talent, and we can leverage this directly.  For example, SHE 100.3 has Brooke & Jeffrey Mornings, while THE MIX has Eric in the Morning, Chicago’s number one morning show. Our on-air talent is experienced, skilled, and relatable, providing listeners with humor, entertainment, and an excellent selection of music. They have received the best talent development and coaching to help them do the job of engaging an audience and holding their loyalty.

All of our personalities are willing to provide both organic and scripted endorsements of your product, the kind of advertising that doesn’t invade people’s consciousness as “an ad.” These endorsements fall naturally in the pattern of the show and listeners, who have come to trust the on-air talent’s views and opinions, will take that into account. After all, they already trust them to select the right music. The talent will add humor and story to your product, telling people about it in a way they will remember when it comes time to buy. Endorsements are far more valuable than traditional advertising, and we can get them for you.

We have the experience to know which talent, at which time of day, will provide you with the best endorsements for your product.

Award-Winning In-House Creative

Our creative team consists of seasoned experts and rising stars alike, ensuring that we match the broad demographics of the real world and can appeal to everyone from boomers to Generation Z. We can produce the advertising material you need for all channels, including radio, television, and podcasts. We can tell your story in a way that will appeal to our active audience, an audience you don’t need to build because all of that effort has already been done for you. Instead, we will help you work on engaging that audience and educating them about your product or service.

We produce videos as part of our Social Media Video Series to further establish our hosts as experts in their fields. Online shoes like “Fix It With Sherman” and “Taste of Tingle” attract viewers because our videos entertain while they educate. Our creative team will help you integrate your brand into this marketing vehicle and engage audiences across all of their channels and meet them where they are.

Hubbard Chicago is not just an advertising vendor. We are your partner, building a mutually beneficial relationship over time that will help you connect with the people who want and benefit from your product. By working with us you can do integrated marketing right, focusing on the channels and content that appeal to the demographic you are targeting. Let us help your company grow.

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